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    Lord of the Rings Guardian of the Citadel costume

    I wanted to share my latest costume project - it's been awhile since I posted here. I don't have a ton of WIP pics (I'm so bad at that) but I have a few. Here is the final costume. ARMOR With the exception of the helm, the armor is made from sintra. Just as a note since sintra contains PVC...
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    Limited Run Eomer's Sword GUTHWINE replica: carbon steel, brass and leather MAGNOLI

    Please add me your extensive to the list, Indy. Thanks.
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    Captain America AoU CosplaySky suit modifying

    You check this thread for a discussion about CosplaySky's AOU Cap suit. People have posted some great pics of the suit.
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    All Things Captain America

    Wow. That is just awesome!! And here I thought I was doing something cool with my motorcycle - lol. I'll post some other pics of my bike tomorrow., Fly4v.
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    Captain America ebay stealth suit?

    Earlier in this thread there are pics of the Galaxy fabric accessories that people purchased. Everyone seems satisfied, especially for the price. I havent seen any independent pics of the costume you linked but just based on the eBay pics, the cosplaysky suit still looks better in my opinion.
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    All Things Captain America

    Re: All Things Captain Anerica The First Avenger is still my favorite of all the suits so far. This is my heavily modified costume from Hellocosplay. Fly4v's stuff is the best though.
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    Captain America ebay stealth suit?

    I inquired about what it would cost without the accessories (belt, gloves, harness, etc) from Cosplaysky and they told me the price would be $30 less.
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    What is wrong with movies today?

    Good article. It really does sum up the current state of Hollywood. The film execs know that the average moviegoer sees 5 to 6 fims a year - they are vying for your business with dozens of offerings, competing with quality television and online content. In the past, where there were only a...
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    Want to Buy Captain America Stealth Suit

    Search for a company called cosplaysky - the consensus here at the RPF is they make the best off-the-shelf stealth suit. People also seem to like the accessories from a place called costume base on the web- they are called galaxy fabric on eBay. Here is the RPF thread discussing the various...
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    King Arts International Limited - Marvel Licensed Products and more

    I was able to preorder a wall mounted classic shield from Big Bad Toy Store for $699 plus shipping which they estimate at $80-100. I missed out on the efx shield. I have to say, the shields look pretty nice in pics posted here by hikarub (thank you!). I'm anxiously awaiting for some indication...
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    what is the MOST WANTED cowl?

    Nite Owl scales look great. I was going to do them as a sub dye pattern but with all of the accents in foam or sintra.
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    what is the MOST WANTED cowl?

    In the spirit of Batman, Nite Owl 2 would be awesome.
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    Limited Run Classic Patriot shield - Captain America TFA

    Just let me know about a deposit - ready to send.
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    Hail Hydra - EFX Replica Pin

    I purchased one of these as a stocking stuffer for myself - it's nice for the price.

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