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  1. Utherpend

    Those of you thinking of ordering from Anovos

    Anyone that places an order and you used a credit card or debit card, you have the right to issue a CHARGE BACK if the product you ordered has not been delivered in the agreed upon time. Contact your bank or card company and tell them you want to contest the sale and issue a charge back against...
  2. Utherpend

    Katja Von Design (commission question)

    If you gave her more than $500 and she hasnt given you anything then that is basically theft and a felony, tell her to get with you and if she doesnt then file a theft by deception charge against her in the city where she lives.
  3. Utherpend

    Sith Lord Costume

    Impressive costume, but get so high def clear pics so we can see all the details. But I have to say this is one of the better Sith costumes I have seen because you are not copying other designs but going original. Bravo.
  4. Utherpend

    SWTOR - Props: Any out there?

    The entire light saber is vulnerable, if you hit any of the sabers components then it will malfunction or cease to work all together. That is the point of any bladed combat, you protect your weapon and yourself at the same time. Arguing that putting a visible crystal on a weapon makes it more...
  5. Utherpend

    SWTOR - Props: Any out there?

    You all do realize that ALL the lightsabers have crystals inside them and that when you are fighting another person they are not going to simply stand there and let you damage their weapon. The whole point of lightsaber combat is to slash and parry, and all it takes is a flick of the wrist to...
  6. Utherpend

    Dragon Predator mask

    Great looking sculpture. The pink threw me for a few though. lol
  7. Utherpend

    RPF Dragon*Con Meet-Up

    I am so pissed, I had my membership and plane tickets all set and the girl I was going with crapped out on me and I lost my hotel reservation with that. Havent been in 5 years and its killing me.
  8. Utherpend

    Satele Shan Lightsaber

    I keep looking for people who are making and selling some of the saber concepts from SWTOR but most of the sites I find are still stuck on the ugly and impractical to hold Lucas versions. Nor do I wasnt something that everyone else has and is stamped out mass produced. If you ever decide to...
  9. Utherpend

    Darth Malgus Costume W.I.P.

    Its going to be Free To Play soon.
  10. Utherpend

    Cobra Commander (Krake)...Upgrade Help?

    Re: Cobra Commander (Krake) Build... That helmet is impressive as hell.
  11. Utherpend

    mrs.slave1pilot's Black Widow costume (Avengers/Iron Man 2/ and Comic inspired)

    Ok I took a census here at my office and everyone agrees that your wife needs to be in the next Avengers movie. Forget whats her name that was playing Blac Widow before.....
  12. Utherpend

    Game of Thrones Kings Guard Armor

    Awesome armor crafting, always thought the kings guard had impressive functional armor. Plus I am a fan of scale mail armor so the combination of plate and scale is a plus.
  13. Utherpend

    movie leather

    But what is wrong with posting pics of movie jackets from films? Have people had bad dealings with them? If so please elaborate as I was thinking of ordering the Max Payne/Mark Wahlberg jacket.
  14. Utherpend

    Death Star Panels that Luke and Han Shoot out

    The red ones were the security sensors and cameras they shot out to black out the detention center.
  15. Utherpend

    Shae Vizla Old Republic.

    Very impressive work.

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