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    Beneath the Planet of the Apes - Gorilla Machine Gun Sctrach Build Prop weapon

    awesome work on the machine gun. Its such a great build it looks right outta the movie or Tv series. yea each weapon would look differnt as each one a stock would be carved from hand for each set of gun parts until it was a functional weapon.
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    Tos star trek phaser

    yep crudely made but vintage replica for sure. Might be fun to figure out who may have made it.?
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    2011 North Texas Prop Party Feb 19 (updated)

    wow I assume this is in Dallas..The last years pics are awesome.. wish I could attend . I am in the Houston area.. but I think I am tied up in a Warhammer Campaign.. argh..
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    Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S. PISTOL?

    Oh no thanks just wanted to know if they use them in any of the movies..
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    Resident Evil S.T.A.R.S. PISTOL?

    Ok Guys.. I was looking at some airsoft pistols and noticed a berretta style pistol that had the S.T.A.R.S LOGO on the side of the pistol.. ... do yall know if they used this model in either of the movies.. ?.. I own and original mold from the studio to one set of Zombie Teeth .. along with the...
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    aliens Props websites

    Thanks guys.. I havent surfed those sites in a long time.. and yea I coulda googled it.. but thats what friends are for.. someone else mighta been interested.. thanks
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    I believe original is on left/
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    aliens Props websites

    Ok guys whats the popular aliens props websights.. I dont know anymore.. yknow for james camerons Aliens.. with sigorney Weaver.. thanks.
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    "Great Stuff"" foam expanding in a can

    Look Go to check for a product called Foam IT .. it has you mix a and b and it expands.. you may want to call and talk to a tech and ask what they recommend as it has different hardness and expanding ratios.. you can also ask for samples to be mailed to you.. like little pieces...
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    NEW Mummy and Mummy Returns Display

    oh man I need to ask my dad on the revolvers.. cuz they were a common gun..
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    V.I.N.CENT. scratchbuild finally done!

    man I always wanted that robot.. thats just plain awesome dude..
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    GhostBusters Ecto-1 Roof Lights Flea Market Find

    Ok I was at the flea Market this weekend.. and found a Pair of Old Ambulance Lights.. They are made by Federal Lighting.. I asked how much they were and they said those were collectors.. I hate when they say that.. Anyway.. $20 for pair was price.. I noticed they had the mounting studs.. and one...
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    Michael Myers Masks from the movie Halloween

    Is there a mask based on Halloween 4?
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    Michael Myers Masks from the movie Halloween

    wow so many masks.. its amazing how each movie had a different look..
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    13 Rebel Fleet Trooper helmets assembled

    Impressive.. Most Impressive.