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    Comment by 'TuaCathach' in media 'Imported Item'

    a very talented photographer with clever lighting is to thank for this this picture
  2. TuaCathach

    Kids Predator Costume

    Its definitely something in the the blood lol, my 6 year old loves the movies and is helping me build his little suit, but that will be another topic on here at some stage. thanks for the comment.
  3. TuaCathach

    Custom suit build the Knarley Mofo Elder WIP

    Thats coming together nicely Tony, the only thing i would critique is the jaw bone on the bio, while i like the concept it just looks way too square dude. but thats just my opinion, the suit is yours and all that counts is the fact that you're happy with it and how it looks. Top work fella...
  4. TuaCathach

    New Yautja En Route- Questions!

    No problem at all happy to help
  5. TuaCathach

    New Yautja En Route- Questions!

    Yes you can use a shirt want stop it sagging you can spot glue it in places but remember leave enough movement so it doesn't pull from.the paint
  6. TuaCathach

    New Yautja En Route- Questions!

    Hey Man  suit is looking good, ok for the netting you have a couple of options,  firstly you can use a dap of hot glue on the little knots on the netting and basically stick it to it. Secondly you can sew the netting on this is pain staking and sore on the fingers but it works. for the lifts...
  7. TuaCathach

    Kids Predator Costume

    Hi all, been a while since I posted anything creative here, coming up to Halloween I was contaced by a friend of mine who wanted to get a predator suit for his 3 year old daughter commissioned, yes you heard right 3 years of age. I happily accepted, I did of course have some concerns with the 2...
  8. TuaCathach

    Prahetorian Predator

    the muscle suit came out really well dude, definitly one of the best ones i've seen.
  9. TuaCathach

    Predator 2 Groin And Butt Armor Sculpt. Finally Cast.

    nice job on them Dwyane .. look good dude
  10. TuaCathach

    P1 Paint Up,

    Thanks dude
  11. TuaCathach

    P1 Paint Up,

    well a little update,  Thomas made some adjustments to the dreads, its looking a lot better now 
  12. TuaCathach

    Coolprops's New Temple Gaurdian Bio (Pic Heavy)

    looks great, they certainly are knocking them out of the park, so glad i can cast my own one of these tho lol
  13. TuaCathach

    Gloves P1

    Post Number 4 in this thread dude, has a list of who makes what
  14. TuaCathach

    Avpr- To Dress A Predator

    Its most likely foam latex dude. They would have taken a life cast of Ian and sculpted the suit to fit him perfectly.
  15. TuaCathach

    Predator Wolf Bio Helmet (For Display) Newbie Build..not So Bad :)

    Dude you did a pretty decent job on that, I like it. and not to bust your chops or anything you should have put this up in the weapons and armour section.. dont worry you'll find your feet soon enough  :thumbsup:

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