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  1. thebigbadwolf

    Rick Grimes 1:1 The Walking Dead

    Amazing ! Totally spot on!
  2. thebigbadwolf

    Raptor Bust New Pics Pg. 3 - Jurassic Park Velociraptor

    Re: Jurassic Park Velociraptor Bust Love it! Great detail.
  3. thebigbadwolf

    Unlimited Run Ironman & costume commision

    Re: Ironman suit summer promo 500$ For imnation, finshed suit in my display case. And at con
  4. thebigbadwolf

    Unlimited Run Ironman & costume commision

    Re: Mark 7 & IM Patriot raw foam finished Hey guys. I recently bought one of imnation suit and I was very impressed.its well made And sturdy foam. Took only two weeks to get here but imnation was very helpfull And id recomend. It was well worth it
  5. thebigbadwolf

    Seeking L.A. area Predator Builders!!!

    i have questions if you dont mind, do you currently have to have a suit or could you have had one and video of it and still be eligible to send it to this stan Winston production? also what if you dont have a interview of yourself without the suit ? id love to participate but i dont think...
  6. thebigbadwolf

    Cast & Molding Question

    id say make a copy of the one side and then cast it then pour some more resin again into the mold and while its drying apply the first dried peice to the one that is in the mold and waaalaaa, its done. ive seen this done before and worked perfectly but some of it like edges may need superglue...
  7. thebigbadwolf

    best way to make an ultra-cal 30 mold

    well also there is either fiberglass or resin molds to consider... will maintain detail greatly as far as ive heard.
  8. thebigbadwolf

    Alien-Hunter Bio design, full scale, my new design for this summer...

    loveee this bio man !!! :D :p :) ;) great job
  9. thebigbadwolf

    Vegas Predator suit!

    fantastic !! very impressed loving that uratz bio, fits everything very very well. lets see it all on and hunting at a con :rolleyes:
  10. thebigbadwolf

    P2 Sculpt in progress. Need tip

    you need to build it up alot more and define its overall shape, then worry about the details, also look in the reference section to see pics of how the P2 head looks and use it to detail and finish ur sculpt. to smooth out a surface ive seen friends use wire to slice it back and even it out a...
  11. thebigbadwolf

    2011 halloween attractions in California

    hehe well not predator but everything esle in it, i couldnt imagine wearing that full suit for hours in pitch black darkness :) maybe this year if i find a better way, maybe pred can be in it thanks for the shout out though George :D
  12. thebigbadwolf

    How to paint a P2 hero bio!!.

    hello nucking futs paints these really well, if i remember correctly he starts off wit a matalic gold paint over all of it then get a sponge and sponge it with browns and blacks and then brown again untill satisfied with the result then seal it, comes out looking really good and close to the...
  13. thebigbadwolf

    Beginner suit

    this will help link 1 link2 :D

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