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  1. Scote

    BD-1 from Jedi: Fallen Order build

    Where you at now? we need more!!
  2. Scote

    DUNE Crysknife and sheath

    Loving it man. Great work! ANd good thing you revisit :)
  3. Scote

    3D printed Mad Max V8 Interceptor

    Look low resolution for a 3d file
  4. Scote

    How to mold a Vader dome

    Hi, just look at the making of of episode 3
  5. Scote

    How tall is BABY YODA?

    There is a CGI version of the Child. Maybe the one in your Sanctuary version is the prop. but could be the CGI also.
  6. Scote


    Where the hell will you store it after? lol
  7. Scote

    1/12th scale train model from Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Walt Disney World

    Nice. Do you have a scale reference piece that you could photo next to it. I know the 1/12 scale but a vehicules need a driver :)
  8. Scote

    the Mandalorian - Beskar Ingot

    Me and a friend we try to fix an issue with my Houdini setup. Also I try to think in howmany section to print it. I think I will do 2 sector. Cut in two sectors on the side like an hotdog
  9. Scote

    Star Wars tribute

    3Dprint version of my Vader helmet in 1:3 scale
  10. Scote

    Imperial Probe Droid Dimensions

    Based on The Art of the Empire Strikes Back, From Star Wars to Indiana Jones and The Star Wars Chronicals the stop-motion prop has the dimension 32x32x63cm (diameter of 12.5984 inches). It doesn't say the scale they used but with ewodus measurements if its 3 feet on diameter, then the prop...
  11. Scote

    Baby yoda mod and paint

    it look great so far. You should put eyeballs when you take pictures.
  12. Scote

    Sideshow/Legacy Life-size 'The Child' figure

    Yah the perspective make his head very narrow I agree.
  13. Scote

    Sideshow/Legacy Life-size 'The Child' figure

    Is it me or the replica look a bit too big versus the tv show? If I scale all the refs to match the TopRight screen version, you can see that the man is way smaller than the other men. I also feel like the prop is too tall. I prefer a short version. I know it's from the same prop, but did they...
  14. Scote

    Thermal Detonator Build (KR/OR)

    Based on the ILM "Best of the Lucasfilms archives" book, the detonator thermal measure 6x6x6cm. I would like to know if that measurement is accurate and if that thread model has the same measurement
  15. Scote

    Does Disney just not care about all the unlicensed Etsy, Ebay, etc stores?

    I feel like 2/3 of the sellers just offer raw 3dprint pieces who need a lot if work to end up a final piece. Maybe that's something that Disney think don't need the effort

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