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    Fabric Question

    You gotta decide what to make it look like instead of cotton! Brush it with a wire brush to make it a little bit fuzzier like fleece, or wax it with clothing wax which waterproofs it and makes it kiiiiiind of a bit more like leather. Fabric paint can change the texture a bit depending on what...
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    Help: How can I strengthen paper/pva masks?

    A while back I found a paper mache mask making tutorial that used minwax wood hardener. Ive never tried it myself but I believe the artist also used a hard formula of wood glue as well. Its worth a try! If I can find the tutorial I'll link it (if it still exists!) but this was a pretty long time...
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    Anyone try the arduino wave shield voice changer?

    I won't be as helpful as I wish I could be because I started one and never finished it D: I got distracted by 23000 other projects. But! I reccomend it anyway since its affordable and everything adafruit has tons of documentation and support (theyve got forums and a discord channel) and the...
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    Re: The definition of 'TOO MANY PROJECTS' build thread - Now with 50% more too many's I haven't been on the rpf in ages but I just got a tapatalk notification and read your post! I had no idea all that stuff happened and I was following that thread when it was new. But I really wanted to make...
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    Can you dye a wig?

    You'll need a white lacefront wig. Theres this one on ebay. I can vouch for the seller I buy from them a lot. But you get what you pay for and they need a bit of extra work to look good. I reccomend...
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    Can you dye a wig?

    You can dye any wig, but! Its not a simple process and is much better to just buy a wig already the color that you want. You can only bleach ones made with human hair, not synthetic wigs which are extruded plastic fiber and cant be bleached. My reccomendation is to buy a short white wig through...
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    Question for the ladies (and gentlemen) of the RPF regarding hair.

    You can wear a clip-in ponytail available at most beauty supply stores. theyre just hair extensions attached to a claw clip. theyre usually a bit long so you'll have to trim it. example...
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    Weird mask help

    Disguise Costumes No Face Chrome Mask, Adult WARNING you get what you pay for. I've bought a few and one had the chrome coating applied... too much I guess? And it had no visibility. Another was extremely warped, which I...
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    Handsome Jack with prosthetic mask!

    those buckles look SO good. cant wait to see how the new ones look on the jacket! Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    Warframe Frost - Stuck

    have you considered ecig? theres several tutorials for converting them for cosplay floating around. heres one: ive been gathering the materials to make some myself soon. another option is the photographer's fog in an aerosol can, the coat...
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    Titanfall MCOR Pilot - Costume and Equipment with 3d print downloads

    I HAVE to try this someday! Since urecoat is clear and brushable, I don't see why you cant simply add pigments to tiny batches to make paint. How will the cure react to powder pigments? Haha ok, I just checked the product page on reynolds and thats what they suggest for painting urecoat or...
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    Link armor inspired by BOTW

    The foam leather is excellent! Love the color choices for weathering. Sent from my LG-H811 using Tapatalk
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    Legio Custodes-The Horus Heresy (Warhammer 40K)

    This work is so breathtaking so far already wow! I love it so much, especially the banner I'm definitely looking forward to more, and your paintjob is lovely too Sent from my SpringBoard using Tapatalk
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    Urbosa accessories

    Oooo I really want to make her outfit too eventually! Though I'd just sculpt and mold/cast a lot of it with resin. You can get brass sheets and strips at hardware stores and sometimes the jewelry section of craft store, usually just small plates of stamping metal. Brass is soft but you'll still...
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    Overwatch - Pharah

    NICE I'm working on a Pharah too (frostbite skin) and so is a friend (she's doing raptorion). I'm starting with the jetpack, lol I have a photo album of a TON of screencaps I made a while back if you're interested I can share the link, just pm me! Sent from my SpringBoard using Tapatalk