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  1. Polygonix

    3D Printing Resources for Scratchbuilding

    I have a lot of experience in various aspects of 3D printing. If you need any specific help, especially in fixing printer issues PM me. I can usually diagnose print problems with just pictures.
  2. Polygonix

    Kit: Cast resin vs SLA resin print

    The SLA prints will be more 'perfect' in that, assuming the source 3D model is modeled well, the panel lines and details are going to be better or at the very least more consistent than a human hand can sculpt. With that being said not all SLA is created equal so very small features may not...
  3. Polygonix

    Bandai release schedule

    I'm working on the Tie Bomber, Sand Crawler and Tydirium in 1/72. I almost have the shuttle done. I just couldn't wait anymore for Bandai to pick up the pace but knowing my luck as soon as I get them done they will release them!
  4. Polygonix

    Bandai release schedule

    I wonder what that finish is on the model, it doesn't match up with the CG ships paint scheme etc.
  5. Polygonix

    My Episode IX Trailer Reaction Video ! How did you React?

    I am hopeful but skeptical. I wish the Rey dark side theory is true but I doubt it.
  6. Polygonix

    "The Orville". A Seth McFarlane Space Adventure on Fox

    I just rewatched the episode with Isaac wearing the wife beater and it had me laughing harder than the first time I watched it. I wish they would release some official merchandise.
  7. Polygonix

    The Mandalorian (TV series)

    I am actually excited about this and quite hopeful. It looks great so far in the leaked footage. I'm not sure about Pablo in the casting but he has always been good in the other things I have seen him in so *fingers crossed*.
  8. Polygonix

    Hasbro's crowdsourced Jabba Sail Barge

    I wasn't able to get in on the initial sale so I am just digitally scratch building my own. It looks awesome but I just couldn't justify the price especially since I would have to repaint it.
  9. Polygonix

    Miniature Spacecraft in The Mandalorian Star Wars TV show

    I'm all for using miniatures as long as the quality can be the same but I can't imagine that certain camera moves or effects will be as easy. A good compromise would just release the 3D files to fans to print them... lol that will never happen but I can dream.
  10. Polygonix

    1/72 Cloud City Diorama with PG Falcon and FM Slave 1

    What paint did you use for C-3POs body? It looks very gold and not just 'metallic paint'.
  11. Polygonix

    City-by-City -- Hobby Shops

    Little Rock, AR has Game Goblin and Hobbytown nearby.
  12. Polygonix

    A L I E N Narcissus *Completed*

    Awesome project. I always felt that the models that are out there were 'off' by a little bit and I am excited to see one that appears more accurate.
  13. Polygonix

    A-wing 1:48 - paper model

    That model looks great! You should 3D print it to when you have the chance!
  14. Polygonix

    ROTJ Fleet Ship

    That looks great! Are you printing on a Formlabs printer?
  15. Polygonix

    Tydirium Dimensions

    I'm working on a 1/72 Tydirium and I'm trying to get this in scale with the 1/72 Bandai models that I have. I have the official blueprints for the ROTJ filming model but it doesn't seem to match up with the model used for the FX filming. Any known reference dimensions for the filming miniature...

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