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    What makes a movie's special effects look fake?

    When the effect doesn’t fit the story or its environment.
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    Silicone half mask with straps?

    One thought that jumps to mind too is that after you laminate in some fabric, maybe pound in a grommet? That way if you put a Chicago screw through it into the leather, the stresses from the screw contact the grommet first, rather than directly transferring to the silicone. [emoji848] Are you...
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    Is DIY generally frowned upon here?

    In the end...if you made it (regardless of how) and you love it, then I (and I daresay we) applaud it. You converted nothing but an idea and a passion into something. Awesomeness!!! DIY has so many layers and skill sets...and so many are represented here. 3D printing? Laser cutting...
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    Pinky and the Brain

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    Tom's ANH Stunt Graflex

    Hi guys. I just happened to stumble on this thread and this particular post. They look very much like audio microphone connectors...which are standard type of connections. The real term is an "XLR" connector...both male and female. If you search that you'll probably get too many hits to...
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    Proton Pack for my son! Scratch build and Kenner mod.

    Superb job!! Perfect balance of using stuff and tweaking it toward accurate. That!! Is what the kids gb pack should look like!! Major Dad Point Power Up for you too!! Great work [emoji1303]
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    Scale Tug Boat help

    Re: Official first post and plea for information. Welcome! I'm not terribly knowledgeable in the area of your quest but there are definitely scale modelers on here that can steer you. Silly question but have you looked for tug boat models at hobby stores? I'm certain some of our expert...
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    RPF key holder

    Cool! Is it against the rules to post a file for other 3D printer folk to run one? Curious. Also...what'd you use for the metal parts?
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    Matt Smith Tardis

    This is incredible work!! You must do a build you did this!! If I had this in my house my kids would only be allowed to play with it with dad. Unbelievable work! What a way to join the forum. Welcome good sir!
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    Osaki Clan Patch from Revenge of the Ninja (1983)

    Awesome!!! Revenge of the ninja was my first action movie! My neighbor had a VHS copy and we'd sneak into his basement and watch it without our parents knowing!It was awesome!! I'm scared to go rewatch it because my memory of its awesomeness at 11years old could be ruined by an adult viewing...
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    CT Scan Ideas?

    Ah gotcha. So depending how much of the machine you need to see, the truck tire tube looks like a great form for the front. You could use Wacky wood to arch up over it to create the 'cave', or if that option looks too pricey, I really enjoy using temporary flooring for many things. It's a...
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    CT Scan Ideas?

    Well I guess a couple of questions are in order...what are you using as the retractable bench? And what is this for? Ergo budget??
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    Set Build Help

    Hmm...can't say I disagree at all with getting a scrap van and splitting it. If you price out build materials vs a junker is have to agree that you can't go wrong that way.
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    Set Build Help

    Great idea to build a set. You will have a lot more control over camera angles and lights that way. I suggest collecting a number of pictures of van interiors to help guide your design form. Also, consider building a full enclosure though since you'll likely want to shoot reverse angles or...
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    Todd the Pizza Planet Truck

    Awesome job!! The pics with the toys driving are priceless!!

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