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    Making Yoda for my 6yo son

    Re: Making Yoda for my 5yo son Great start I will be watching with interest
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    ROTJ E-11 Builds

    very cool watching with interest
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    My attept at a Graflex

    well done this looks great
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    Han in Carbonite build

    do you have an idea on how you are going to do the weathering. looks great!
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    New Tauntaun wall bust

    Awesome great detail, im interested depending on price.
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    star wars episode 7 flame trooper helmet

    smooth, this looks great i also like the tie fighter.
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    Sith Probe Droid - Custom Modification

    your paint and weathering skills are great. i agree with other posts it looks screen ready.
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    Hot Toys TFA Vader helmet replica

    The price is crazy, i think if we wait around for a bit someone will do a project run for a fraction of the cost.
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    Display case for my autographed Mark Hamill original Graflex got here today...

    this is way cool thanks for sharing info on the stand.
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    Looking for people in all fields! What is this? (Possible SW part)

    in my opinion it looks like a die for a hand held pneumatic squeezer, or that thing that holds IKEA furniture together.
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    “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi....” ANH Death Star Plans

    i agree as well with the14thdr
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    Hoth Han DL44 - a Denix Story..

    looking good. alot of work goes into this build and from the pics you are sure putting it in. cant wait to see more pics
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    Homemade DartVader beltboxes

    very cool, thats a great idea for the wireless speakers "following"
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    Another hardware store lightsaber build! Finished!

    Great job! with this being a hardware store build how much do you think you have into this.
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    Inform the Troops that Lord Vader has Arrived! Introducing my new SL ANH Vader Helmet

    Re: Inform the Troops that Lord Vader has Arrived! Introducing my new SL ANH Vader He Wow, Amazing, Congrats "Holy Grail"