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    Berserker Bad Blood

    Very Nice take on this bad boy. Question for you though? What did you use for the quils on the head?
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    some of my collection

    How the hell are ya "B" Nice collection but I thought it would be bigger ;) You know I want that JD painted Destroyer ya got there. Grrrrrr !
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    Is that a Pred sitting there tied up to the column behind everyone to the left? Wonder whats with him???? You can make out the dredds and the head features.
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    2 Guns Cleaner - Narin's Predator

    Nice sculpt by Narin but looks alot like the Wolf kit put out earlier just with resculted hands and new base. Not really a new sculpt of the wolf, which is too bad as that would've been nice. It will be a great kit for the folks who didnt get a chance to score the first wolf kit when it came out.
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    THE ENCOUNTER Dutch vs Predator

    Ha Ha ! I thought you'd drool over this one.
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    The Blood is Bad...

    ;) Stellar!!! love the color choice on this baddy. The dome patterning is off the hook Joe. Edit: Just noticed the scar on his eye and the broken tusk. Thats not "Broken Tusk" is it?
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    Urban Hunter (sort of!)

    Was gonna say that Dan. That things gotta be huge. Very nice work on this one. Thanks for sharing your work with us. Marc
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    S. Hayes Predalien Complete

    As said elswhere, Magnificant job on the Predalien. Thanks for sharin this buddy.
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    WIP - P2 - S.Hayes Monsterz - UPDATE

    Any updates on how this bad boy is comin Mauro?
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    WIP ...Ancient Elder, Update #3 Add. Armor & Netting

    Thanks for the comments guys. No real advise on netting other then go really slow and dont rush it. I would take small breaks in between as I started to go cross-eyed when I didnt. :p Some people do them with a fine ink pen. I myself use a fine sable brush to do mine. Marc
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    WIP ...Ancient Elder, Update #3 Add. Armor & Netting

    Painted up some additional armor and netting today folks. Theres a few more sm customizations added. :p Enjoy Folks Marc
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    The Wolf - AVPR

    Excellent job!! Very movie accurate.
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    WIP ...Ancient Elder, Update #3 Add. Armor & Netting

    Small update thats all, thanks for peekin. :)
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    Custom Hunt Pred Done!

    Nice colors on this baby. Something seems alittle different about the Preds head??? Seems like the head from the death warrior. None the less, nice paint up and thanks for sharin this with us.
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    WIP ...Ancient Elder, Update #3 Add. Armor & Netting

    Thanks for the comments guys, will keep ya up ta dates.