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    Limited Run Majora's Mask

    Same as Michael above nearly. Let me know when payments are needed. I'm in Los Angeles instead of Canada though.
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    Limited Run Majora's Mask

    I sent a PM, but what's your paypal so I can put in my deposit?
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    Limited Run Majora's Mask

    PM sent
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    Action figure blister packs

    That's what I was thinking. Sometimes just hearing that is enough. Thanks!
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    Action figure blister packs

    Hey guys, I've seen a bunch of the Charred aunt Beru figures and even saw a tutorial on how to make your own. I've got a pretty good handle on the process, but I was wondering, where do you get the plastic shell that glues to the card back?
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    1990 TMNT foot clan costume build

    So I ended up going to comicazee, here's a few quick pictures from it.
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    Filling/painting in engraved metal

    What if you etched it, then painted it all the color you'd like to fill, then sand the tube after wards. The sandpaper probably wouldn't go in the cracks if you're holding it around the tube, you'll remove the top layer and the valley's will still have paint in them.
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    1990 TMNT foot clan costume build

    Thanks for the tip, I'll look into speaker mesh and see if that gets me any closer.
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    1990 TMNT foot clan costume build

    Hey guys, this is my first post on here I wanted to do a 1990s TMNT foot clan costume for a little bit now. It's one of those few projects that as soon as I see it, I have most of it fully formed in my head. I wasn't going for full 100% accuracy, kind of a hybrid of what I can get done on a...
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    Wanted to know your opinions. Who would win Darth Vader or batman in a battle?

    Given enough prep time Batman can defeat anyone.
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    The (somewhat) definitive guide to sealing foam and keeping it flexible

    I'm having image issues as well. I thought it might be the work firewall. But excellent article, I appreciate the effort you put into this.
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    Cheap Arkham origins inspired Suit

    You have to upload the files to a host. You can't just link them like that from your hard drive. Use something like photobucket.
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    The Rocketeer

    Re: Rocketeer pepakura helmet - custom file Tap plastics has square acrylic sheets that are pretty cheap and can be formed with just a heat gun. That's what I used.
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    Mara Jade lightsaber

    The wookiepedia article has a picture of what I've seen over and over to represent Mara's saber. I'm not sure where it falls into the books though.'s_first_lightsaber?file=Mara_Jade%27s_Lightsaber.jpg
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    prop sound effects help

    These are cheap, and easily adaptable. There are higher quality solutions, but these are what I use for quick and dirty.