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    burn notice props

    viddersweet - do you have any images for michaels ids? or jason bly's nsa css id?
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    1991 jfk movie paper props

    thanks mike. the prop id is nothing like the real ones also its a bit cheesy. i also have seen various secret service ids but nothing like the prop from the movie. most of what i have seen are attemps at the real ones and ones from vantage point and others.
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    Knight rider paper props ?

    here's what i have.
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    Credentials help - Crossing Over (2009)

    Re: TV/MOVIE Credentials help deleteed
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    1991 jfk movie paper props

    i was wondering if anyone has done a paper prop id for kirks secret service id from the movie? looks pretty simple to do. i don't have the tools at the time being to do it. - - - Updated - - - here's a screen cap of the id.
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    ncis props

    in new york they have very strict laws regarding law enforcement memorabilia including props. even nypd cops are prohibited from collecting memorabilia from there agency which is rediculious. hope they get that law changed. there are a few active or retired law enforcement folks on the web site...
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    US Marshal Service Credentials

    i checked with the author and the book is hard to come bye and if you do come across the book expect to pay over $100.00. the ids are no longer used. they have been updated.
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    Your 1st screen used prop and what got you into it?

    i gues my first screen used prop would be the business cards for the movie dragnet. second screen prop would be business card from white collar autographed bye tim dekay. i started collecting law enforcement memorabilia over 20 years ago when i got into serving in law enforcement. at the time i...
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    US Marshal Service Credentials

    @ the director the marshal ids have changed since the 1990's. i think the book you mentioned is out of print and hard to find. i would excercise caution when trying to replicate a federal agency credentials due to it can be miscontrued as something else.
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    mbaileyh the white round patch in the bottom is from the uniformed secret service division that protects the white house. the white patch is summer issue and there's a black version which is there winter issue patch. don't know if the patch is real or a reproduction. many federal patches are...
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    ID card paper prop artwork

    don what type of paper props ( ids ) do you collect? any cop show ones? i have been getting realy involved with collectingcop props from tv and the movies. i have a bunch of screen caps. unfortunatly i don't have a printer so i'm unable to make ids. the ones i have i purchased from the bay and...
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    NCIS (2003) TV Series

    winston wolf good eye i think the real ncis badges differ in size from the show ones. maybe the show badges are made on a budget bye the prop masters and possible they use what wallets they have at there disposal.
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    NCIS Badge HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    try ebay i have seen the wallett on there
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    NCIS (2003) TV Series

    ranger 23 from the research i have done. it appears in the first seasons of ncis there's just the badge and the bottom part of the id thats in a bi fold wallett. latter in the seasons they have added a top id that has the ncis seal and title of special agent along with the agents name. because...
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    Any Eureka Props Out there?

    since the show has ended there's some screen used props from the show up for sale on the bay. the only bad part is some of the prices go up and up