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    Need help painting a Polyurethane cowl in time for Halloween.

    Also thank you so much. Would regular spray paint be ok to use or do I need something special? Also where do I find Adhesion Promoter?
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    Need help painting a Polyurethane cowl in time for Halloween.

    I tried. He refuses to refund me anything and stopped answering my emails.
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    Need help painting a Polyurethane cowl in time for Halloween.

    So after the issues I had with my jacket and having to figure out a way to make that work I'm now having issues with a cowl I ordered from Jesterfx. I asked for his polyurethane Kid Flash cowl to be cast in red and then painted red and silver and then added a rush fee to get it out as soon as...
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    Bluetooth headsets

    Hey all, Does anyone know of a good Bluetooth headset to wear under a cowl that is lightweight, concealed well and doesn't drain battery like mad? On that last note has anyone found a good functional backup battery (for the cell) that isn't too cumbersome? It should be able to fit in a...
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    Any tips for painting on top of pu leather

    Thanks for the replies. I've already ordered and received the Angelus paints so I'm going with those. Did you guys do any prepping before painting? Several sources say to use acetone or nail polish remover to remove the glossy layer before painting. Does this make sense?
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    Any tips for painting on top of pu leather

    Hey all, I just received my new suit in the mail and they forgot to paint in the details on my jacket. The jacket in question is made of pu leather. I did some google searches and came up with conflicting information at how to go about painting it myself. Someone recommended this...
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    Interest CW Kid Flash cowl Screen Accurate from 3D scans

    Bump! Definitely need this cowl in my life. C'mon folks.
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    Limited Run CW Flash V2 & Reverse FLash cowls Limited Run

    Re: CW Flash V2 & Reverse FLash cowls **collecting balance for RF** Anyone have any pointers or tips on where to install the velcro strips?
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    Batman action figure

    Your welcome. Action figures are one of my passions.
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    the flash cw etsy cosplay suit

    That doesn't look bad. What kind of paint and color gold is that? Actually while I'm on this topic what did you guys do about the yellow on the symbol and lightning bolts on the etsy suit? I was thinking about detaching the bolts, spray painting them and then reattaching them with gorilla...
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    Gotham City PD, Officer Grayson

    First off, Welcome to TheRPF! Secondly, wow! That is sharp and the attention to detail is super-satisfying to see. Also very cool that you have real police uniforms to use and that your shop is willing to help you out like that as far as the customization goes. Thirdly. You can't talk...
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    the flash cw etsy cosplay suit

    I ordered an xcoser mask a little bit ago just to see what it was like and I was disappointed that the lightning bolts on the side are the exact same bolt. Instead of making a left and right bolt they simply rotated it slightly and then painted it fairly poorly. Is it the same situation with yours?