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    What do y'all use for lightsaber case/stand sources?

    For now this is the only saber I plan on having, there is another I'm interested in but it will be quite awhile if at all. After a bit of back and forth with looking, I found a stand from an Etsy seller that I was happy with and placed an order today, had to wait to get my hilt in today so I...
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    What do y'all use for lightsaber case/stand sources?

    Besides what's been posted are there any new finds? I have an SH Ahsoka that I'm getting back tomorrow and would like to find a stand for it. I tried contacting Darklyte since he made the 2 tier stand for it originally about doing a single tier for me last year as I only bought the larger one...
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    HP Wand Box

    Does anyone know if there is a place out there offering wand boxes? or somewhere that shows off how to make them? I have an all wood Lupin wand that a member here made for me awhile back but it has been sitting in my lupin noble wand's box and I'd like to get it it's own. I've tried to do some...
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    Disney Park's FX Lightsabers with removable blades.

    I'm curious to know this aswell what the cost of the saber is and on average what the shipping cost has been to get these out to people in the US.
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    Limited Run John Wick Coins - Round 5 - Coins have been ordered - Waiting for them to arrive.

    Re: John Wick - Round 2 - Interest thread Put me down for one
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    Want to Buy Farscape Pulse Pistol

    So I posted in the Replica Prop thread about this and someone suggested I post here. Picked up the farscape blu ray set recently and started to watch through it again since streaming options have failed to keep it up. Anyway watching it again has made me wanna pick up a Pulse Pistol Replica...
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    Farscape pulse pistol replica

    ok thanks I'll give it a shot
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    Farscape pulse pistol replica

    Going back through and watching farscape again on my newly acquired blu ray set has me wanting a pulse pistol replica again. There's nothing on ebay and 2 sellers on etsy that I found only one of which sells it in a kt form or painted, the other only offers fully assembled with electronics for...
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    Rogue One Death Trooper NERF gun repaint

    nice work ecl. Think I might take a stab at doing this also to work on my painting skills. Gonna wait and see if the blaster itself goes on sale sometime to save a bit of money but I was able to find the scope on ebay sold by toysrus for $10 and got the stock also so I picked those up to have...
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    Rogue One - Jyn Erso BlasTech A180 Blaster Pistol

    Re: Rogue One Felicity Jones gun - ideas Not sure if this will be of use to anyone but, was at Barnes and Noble today and noticed they had the Rogue One artbook out, they had this for jyn's blaster. I took 3 pictures trying to get the best I could: the picture wasn't very big on the page to...
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    Rogue One - Jyn Erso BlasTech A180 Blaster Pistol

    Re: Rogue One Felicity Jones gun - ideas Is the barrel fastened to the airsoft buy just the rivets seen on the side or is there something else done to adhere it more? if it's just the rivets is it fairly easy to what I assume is drilling the spots and popping them in or are they just for show...
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    Done / Completed Harry Potter - Beedle the Bard

    Came home to see my copy arrived. Excellent work snowfire! Quality just as good as the APM book, thanks again for offering these
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    Done / Completed Harry Potter - Beedle the Bard

    hey Snow, just wanted to see by chance if you had any kind of update about the books shipping out to us yet? Not that I have to have it right away, was just curious is all. Thanks
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    The Time-Turner Page

    Had a question about the 3 different versions Noble Collection has offered on the time turner. The 3 versions I'm aware of being: 1. Time Turner with Wood box $50 2. Sterling Silver Time Turner, which was more expensive something like $200 if I remember right and come in silver or gold plated...
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    Done / Completed Harry Potter - Advanced Potion Making

    Also chiming in to say I got my book today. Looks awesome! Thanks for putting this together Snow