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    My Jurassic Park Collection

    LOL You are both absolutely right, and apparently I forgot one of my close-up shots! Those are both must have props. :) Also, the banner came from ebay a couple years ago, but I think there are still people selling them on there.
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    My Jurassic Park Collection

    Thanks everyone! I've been slowly cobbling this collection together for the last 6 years, and it makes the 10 year old kid in me ecstatic. Love being able to share my fandom with others. Thanks for the heads up, but I'm focusing solely on the first film. :) With limited funds, there's just too...
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    My Jurassic Park Collection

    It's been a while since I've seen anyone post some serious JP stuff, so thought it'd be time to post pics of my updated and larger replica prop collection, now that it's finally all up and together after years (sans my raincoat that's hiding behind the East Dock sign)! Enjoy...
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    Krampus Bells - Anyone Working on Them?

    The site has put up a pre-order link for more bells. So if you missed out the first round, now's the time to order!
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    Done / Completed Jurassic World - Lanyard pins (Run closed)

    Dang, missed the run. If you ever happen to do a second run, count me in!
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    Jurassic World Props

    Except the logo on the wrist bands are stamped instead of molded, and the brochure isn't the same one as the one in the film. They're decent replicas, but far from screen accurate.
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    Done / Completed Jurassic World Hats PRICE ADDED FIRST POST

    Re: Jurassic World Hats Interested in a hat! :)
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    question on jurassic park personnel badge props?

    Man, when will those badges stopped being sold as replicas? In addition to being in the game, the second badge is also shown as concept art in the first film's "making of" book.
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    Done / Completed Jurassic World Lanyards $8 first, $5 additional

    Re: Jurassic World Lanyards I'm down for two.
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    Jurassic Park prop replicas - where can I find them??

    You and me both! I've had a spot waiting for them. :)
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    Jurassic Park

    They pop up on ebay from time to time. I'm pretty sure it's legit, but it sounds like it's an easy to break piece.
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    Have some extra room...How about these Jurassic Park Props!!!!

    It also changed locations from California to Orlando.
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    Marvel sued over Avenger's BluRay Case

    For the people asking us to scan something from this release in and help them recast a prop, just go buy the set. You get some great movies, a cool display item, and originals of all the paper props you'd want. And you get to avoid any sticky legal or ethical issues. Trust me, you'll love it.