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    Who sells raw bio helmets anymore?

    Looking for a raw Wolf bio , working on a tight budget so 2nd hand would be fine ......
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    Wolf mask

    Hi , has anybody got a list or links to manufacturers where I can buy the raw Wolf bio??? I seem to remember a company called Wysteria ??? that made predator 2 masks........
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    OTF blade mechanism in the works.

    Is there a tutorial to build this?
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    Foam prep advice

    Noob question here...... How do I prep and toughen my foam build for painting ??? I'm based in UK so any links to UK products would be great
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    EVA Vs Plastazote

    Noob here , how do I harden and prep foam for painting????
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    Foam Predator help

    Hi guys , I've been googling like mad and trying to find what I'm after ..... can any of you help ? Or maybe convert existing pepakura files for foam use?? I'm after : Tracker bio mask Wolf bio mask Disk holder Can anybody help with this???
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    UPDATED: Pepakura Files

    AMAZING! Thanks for sharing that . I'm toying with the idea of sticking to the foam but giving it an external skin of leather ........ Thoughts???
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    UPDATED: Pepakura Files

    Leather?? Never gave that a thought tbh. How do the foam files translate to leather.??? Thinking maybe layering foam with leather ??? Would love to see your work
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    UPDATED: Pepakura Files

    Thanks for the link, I already have the standard foam predator PDOs , I was specifically looking for foam versions of the disk holder and the tracker and wolf masks. Really appreciate your help tho , running out of ideas on how to word it in google search
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    UPDATED: Pepakura Files

    Great site , thanks ! Google didnt give me that result for some reason. Cant seem to download the files from there tho Still looking for a foam "tracker" bio mask if anybody has a link? Thanks again buddy
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    JFcustom's FOAM files

    Is there a foam template for this armour piece???
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    UPDATED: Pepakura Files

    Is there a foam file for this armour piece ???
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    UPDATED: Pepakura Files

    Does anybody have a foam tracker mask file???
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    Predator morph suit/skin

    What was the price? Do you have a link???
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    Snakepit Studios Female Predator "skins" Review

    How much do the skins retail at???

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