Harley Quinn Suicide Squad movie cosplay

I helped my wife do Harley's new suicide squad movie costume. every time we thought we were done we found more details. So far every other person missed or didn't do most of the details. she wears black bands w/ golden "YES" on them, thick spiked wristbands, a golden clawed finger ring, and a diamond encrusted "J" key chain hanging off the jacket. the jacket was made from 2 separate jackets sewn into one. the letters were golden glitter iron on, and amazingly don't look flat or like an iron on at all. The shoes weren't the cheap homemade cosplay shoes online, she found the $200 Jeremy Scott limited designer Adidas online. They were 4x as much, but she said felt better to wear after hours at comic con.

iKillGiants, Oct 2, 2015
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