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    Oct 11, 2017, 9:27 AM - 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now CLOSED! #1

    Ho Ho Ho!

    The Holiday season is almost upon us and to celebrate I'm hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange once again. No matter what you celebrate at this time of year you're welcome to join us in the spirit of giving! Anyone who wishes to join must let me know by posting in this thread by NOVEMBER 6TH so that I can get everyone matched and that they can get their gifts out in time.

    Here are the rules:

    1. Any current member of the RPF as of the posting of this thread may participate (ie: no joining now just to participate). HOWEVER, by joining you are agreeing to both give and receive a gift. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to send your gift please let me know immediately so that I can arrange a work around. People who do not send gifts have in past been banned. It's not worth it for a $20 gift! PLEASE only join if you are going to participate.

    2. When you sign up you must state whether you wish to ship domestically or internationally (please include what country is "domestic" in your post). In your post you're also free to include your interests and a wish list to help your gift giver with ideas. By all means post "wishful thinking" wants but also put some realistic ideas in there too.

    3. Although there is no limit to the cost of gift you are encouraged to keep your gifts at about the $20 range. Creativity will undoubtedly be appreciated by your recipient! Something handmade with $20 worth of materials can be worth more than spending $100 at a store. You are of course able to send a gift of any value if you like but understand that what you receive will likely be in this range.

    4. I will keep a list of names updated in this thread - please PM me if you are interested and include your address in the PM - When I draw names I will send the Secret Santa his or her recipient's details. The person you send a gift to will not necessarily be the person that sends you a gift. IF YOU HAVE MULTIPLE ADDRESSES please use the one that you will be at for the holidays. Better for your parcel to arrive early and be held for you than have it sit on the step for a couple weeks waiting for you to get back from your parent's place.

    5. Domestic gifts must be in the mail by December 15th. International should be sooner than that. If you don't want me harassing you please post a note saying that you've shipped either in this thread or via PM to me. If you need to push this deadline back a little bit you must contact me. It is still your responsibility to get the gift to your recipient on time.

    6. A gift will be considered "lost" if it doesn't arrive by the end of the first full week of January. If your package had tracking you are not responsible and a new Santa will be provided. If your package did not have tracking you will have to send another gift.

    TRACKING: Tracking is not mandatory but if you DO use tracking you are not responsible should the recipient not receive their gift. If you choose not to get your gift tracked that's fine but if the gift doesn't arrive you're still on the hook for it. This way you can still mail it any way you want but you know where you stand depending on the shipping method.

    7. Although this is a "Secret" Santa you are more than welcome to let your recipient know who you are if you'd like to.

    Finally, not a rule but in the spirit of this exchange please give a "thank you" in this thread to your Secret Santa and let us know what you received. Not only is it the polite thing to do but it lets your Santa and myself know that everything went smoothly. It's a Christmas exchange, please be grateful. Not everyone gets a "blow you out of the water" kind of gift. Don't expect it.

    Last year went smoothly for the most part. Here's hoping for another successful year!


    1. Michael Bergeron - R - S
    2. uderd1402 - S - R
    XXX 3. Robiwon - US48 XXX - RIP
    4. Serenity - S - R
    5. poormansjb - S - R
    6. PropReplicator2 - S - R
    7. xl97 - S - R
    8. joshvanrad - S - R
    9. doppelganger - R - S
    10. ThePropsPerson - R - S
    11. dlambert - S - R
    12. DrscifiProps - ***************
    13. bsj1701 - S - R
    14. 420blackadder - S - R
    15. Cadeus - S - R
    16. vader1974 - S - R
    17. Contec - S - R
    18. Neoproks - S - R
    19. chrisnupp - S - R
    20. TJack - S - R
    21. BR12819 - S - R
    22. BB8 - S - R
    23. Gimpdiggity - S - R
    24. Cmdr.Kerner - S - R
    26. nicom1234 - R - S
    27. TIGCreations - S - R
    28. geekdriver - R - S
    29. stefwill - R - S
    30. the Pawn - R - S
    31. NormanF - S - R
    32. Indy Magnoli - S - R
    33. Gryphon37 - S - R
    34. coozco - R - S
    35. Sundowner - S - R
    36. FordPrefect - S - R
    37. Kevin Gossett - S - R
    38. cy1701 - S - R
    39. Ash - R - S
    40. The Cog - S - R
    41. Howlrunner - R - S
    42. Shyaporn - R - S
    43. 6644Invader - S - R
    44. negasonic - R - S
    45. Farrells Props - R - S
    46. Nick K - S - R
    47. DatManRogee - S - R
    48. SeattleMaddog - S - R
    49. Stormgirl - S - R
    50. shaunsheep - S - R
    51. DaveChaos - S - R
    52. Donberto17 - R - S
    53. Broilermaker - R - S
    54. Skaught - S - R
    55. JasonCash - S - R
    56. bondoking - R - S
    57. MoSc0ut - R - S
    58. camprandall - S - R
    59. Psicorp7 - S - R
    60. CVWcreations - S - R
    61. zanderman - S - R
    62. picosbeak123 - S - R
    63. Draphin - S - R
    64. BatMcFly - S - R
    65. Seraph77 - S - R
    66. gabevt - S - R
    67. bihyeon - S - R
    68. TheDon - S - R
    69. Jmvgreek1 - S - R
    70. UkkosTrombone - S - R
    71. majormalfuntion - S - R
    72. ooSuperman23 - S - R
    73. Jathoris - S - R
    74. aeryn - S - R
    75. form2function - R - S
    76. Boris K - S - R
    77. Kokanee - S - R
    78. DylanRose - S - R
    79. IamCaseyJones - S - R
    80. v137a - S - R
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    Oct 11, 2017, 9:33 AM - 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #2

    Switching to the other thread (itís my first time, sorry!).
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  3. Runner RPF Premium Member userd1402's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 9:39 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #3

    I'd love to do it. I can ship internationally and I'm obsessed with Blade Runner (the original 1982 film, not the new one ) but I donít mind what I get.
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  4. Gone but not forgotten.
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    Oct 11, 2017, 9:42 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #4

    I'm in again! I'll ship to the lower 48.

    I like model kits, scifi mainly, but do jets and cars as well. Tools, model supplies, anything for the desk really....
    Star Wars, Star Trek, BSG, Blade Runner, anything cool you know?!?
  5. Valar Morghulis RPF Premium Member Serenity's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 9:44 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #5

    I'm in again. US domestic preferred.

    I'll be grateful for anything that is sent my way, but I always enjoy a nice prop or something you've made yourself. Some of my interests include:

    -Blade Runner (and 2049)
    -Star Wars (OT and TFA/TLJ)
    -Game of Thrones
    -James Bond (Craig era)
    -Indiana Jones
    -Harry Potter
    -Doctor Who (2005 to now)
  6. Member Since
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    Oct 11, 2017, 10:04 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #6

    I'm in again!

    US-based but okay with int'l.

    I like James Bond, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (same author and production company as Bond), Fantastic Voyage (film), Wild Wild West (series or movie .... ya, I know), Austin Powers, 1/6 scale (non-military), 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or anything Steampunk, Lost in Space (classic), sci-fi props in general ... oh, and 007 (working that in twice would be a hint).

    Participating in this exchange is the highlight of my holiday season!
  7. Happy wife, happy life RPF Premium Member PropReplicator2's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 10:29 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #7

    I'm in! US preferably..

    Star Wars
    Indiana Jones
    Blade Runner
    Star Trek TNG and TOS
    Mostly kits, toys and desk stuff

    Thanks guys!
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    Oct 11, 2017, 10:37 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #8


    All things Marvel, Star Wars.. and of course the BladeRunner, GoT, BSG, Mr, Robot, Steampunk...etc..

    US based.. would like to ship domestic (US) as well.

    So you are going to 'match' the names on November 6th? (anyway to get a name before then?) I'd like as much time as possible to either make or source my gift.. plus some time to stalk...errrr.. research my victim to get some background on them...etc
  9. joshvanrad's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 10:42 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #9

    Count me in! Missed it last year. I'm on it this year.

    I'm in the US.

    My interestes are:

    ANYTHING Star Wars
    Movie posters
    Iron Man
    Game Of Thrones
    Harry Potter
    Mech designs
    Anything costume related of course
    Divinity: Original Sin
    Retro designs
    Team Fortress 2
    Rick and Morty
    The Venture Brothers
    The Rocketeer

    I'll add more if anything comes to mind before the close date.
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  10. RPF Premium Member doppelganger's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 10:47 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #10

    Nah not this year....

    Oh go on then.

    My interests are

    Star Wars
    Star Trek (not jj trek or discovery)
    Indiana jones
    Marvels Avengers
    Knight Rider
    The A Team
    Oh and most importantly getting Michael choked up.....

    Also i'll ship anywhere.
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  11. ThePropsPerson's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 11:07 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #11

    Im in again, last year was awesome! Im UK based and would prefer to ship domestic

    Intrests include:
    Star Wars (OT and Rogue one)
    Lord of the Rings
    The hobbit
    Indiana Jones
    Marvel Avengers and GOG
    Assasins Creed
    Pirates of the Carribean

    Oh and forgot to add, hand made props would be much appreciated... im not into merch and 3d printed stuff that much but will still gladly accept it!
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    Oct 11, 2017, 11:35 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #12

    I'm in. I'm in Brazil, shipping domestic would best, but I can ship internationally.

    Right now, I'm really into movie statues. The Blade Runner wooden unicorn, Maltese Falcon, Indy's fertility idol. I'm starting to learn how to wood carve so I can make this objects.

    I know this is a very wide field of interest, so, since tools are really expensive here in Brazil, any 20USD carving tool would be a great gift. Even a nice piece of wood would do, really.

    But, to make my Secret Santa life a little bit easier, here are the movies/universes/things that I also really like:

    . Star Wars (I'm a sabersmith and love the thin neck hilts)
    . Lord of the Rings
    . 2001: A Space Odyssey
    . The Martian
    . Blade Runner
    . Apolo missions or just about anything Nasa realated
    . Space mission patches (love, love, love)
    . Indiana Jones (really love the Holy Grail itself and Henry's diary)
    . Fake future money and fantasy golden coins
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  13. DrscifiProps is offline DrscifiProps
    Oct 11, 2017, 11:47 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #13

    Ready to be Santa! US shipping only.

    Star Wars
    Star Trek
    Short Circuit
  14. Member Since
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    Oct 11, 2017, 12:01 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #14

    Please count me in!
    Disney Animation
    Elvis Presley
    Movie Posters
    Movie props
    Batman 1966
    Superman (primarily Christopher Reeve)

    Can ship domestic (United States)
  15. 420blackadder's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 1:03 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #15

    I'm also in ! This will be my first year.

    I will ship internationally.

    My interests:

    Blade Runner
    Star Wars
    Indiana Jones

    Please no Serenity items
  16. Cadeus's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 4:48 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #16

    YAY!!!!!! I am in, of course. This will be year three for me, and this is without a doubt my favorite holiday tradition.

    I'm good for shipping to anyone in the continental US.
    Thank-you, in advance, Michael, for hosting this thing. You always do a great job, and keep it fun.

    I love to build models. I love replicas and props... And I have to include that I love artwork, because the Marvel canvas I got last year just blew my freakin' mind! It was the coolest gift I got last year... from ANYONE!

    My interests currently include:

    LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY... (THE HOBBIT movies sucked, though.)
    Honorable mentions would include: HARRY POTTER, INDIANA JONES, TERMINATOR, popular sci-fi classics like ICE PIRATES, EXPLORERS, ROBO-COP...

    SO, big sci-fi fan, obviously. I can't wait to see what you come up with! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!
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    Oct 11, 2017, 5:01 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #17

    Count me in, and I would prefer to ship within the USA.

    My interests are:

    DC Movies / TV universes
    Star Wars (OT ,TFA, Rogue One, Last Jedi)
    Harry Potter
    Marvel Cinematic Universe
    Or something else that is really cool!

    Merry Christmas!
  18. Contec's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 5:26 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #18

    I'm in,,,,ship internationally

    Here is some of my interest.

    Fallout game series
    Startrek (The Enterprise series)
    Harry Potter
    Tintin ( love captain Haddock and the Moon Rocket)

    You for more info of what i like , check out my prop and cosplay costume page on Fb :
  19. RPF Premium Member Neoproks's Avatar
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    Oct 11, 2017, 11:22 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #19

    I may not have actually posted in the longest time because of life, but I'm always checking in from time to time, and I know once October hits, it's time to sign up for my favorite part of the holiday season! Count me in once again!

    I'd like to keep shipping to the continental US if possible.

    Some interests with a bit of info:

    Marvel (Cinematic Universe, favorite being Cap)
    LOTR & The Hobbit
    Game of Thrones (Stark/Clegane as favorite houses)
    Dragon Ball Z
    Dark Souls (Game Series)
    Legend of Zelda
    Fallout (Game Series)

    But honestly I'm happy to get anything. Creativity is awesome, so run with whatever. Love all you guys. Time to start getting excited!
  20. chrisnupp's Avatar
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    Oct 12, 2017, 8:36 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #20

    I'm in!
    I would like domestic USA.

    My interests include:
    -Kingsman (more statesman because I live in Louisville, KY),
    -Star Wars,
    -Dr Who (#11),
    -Legend of Zelda,
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    Oct 12, 2017, 9:25 AM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #21

    List updated!

    Seems I forgot to add my own wish list.

    I love, in no particular order:

    - BTTF
    - Indiana Jones
    - Jurassic Park
    - Star Wars (not the prequels, but everything else)
    - Star Trek (TOS and TNG)
    - James Bond (Primarily Connery)
    - Ghostbusters (Original)
    - Red Dwarf
    - Game of Thrones
    - Doctor Who
    - Legend of Zelda
    - Fallout

    Now here's the rub, I've got most of what I would want from these franchises, generally. Escpecially at the $20 level.

    Since my Santa won't be a secret they are free to ask me what I already have. Here's a few specific ideas though:

    - Grant's raptor claw from JP1. The one he uses at the start of the film to scare the kid.
    - High quality JP park brochure. I have the cheap one you can find everywhere but would love a good one.
    - Kidde fire extinguisher (used in Jurassic Park)
    - The flares from JP1 (as seen with the nightvision goggles and the fire extinguisher)
    - Grey King Pelican Case, again, as seen in JP1. See where I'm going here?
    - Master Sword or Hero's Shield from any Zelda game.
    - Any Sword from GOT, especially Longclaw.
    - Stark Banner/Flag from GOT
    - Nike Mags (size 12)
    - A good and proper Indiana Jones fedora. Those last two are certainly a "wish" though, very expensive!

    Not particularly into art but definitely into hand made props. Not into toys/figures but open to it as my kids will love them I'm sure.
  22. RPF Staff RPF Premium Member TJack's Avatar
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    Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
    Oct 12, 2017, 1:31 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #22

    Of course I'm in and open to international shipping if needed.

    My interests include:

    Marvel (particularly Spider-man, Wolverine/X-men, Ironman)
    Batman (89 is my preferred choice)
    Indiana Jones
    Most things Disney

    I'm not opposed to kits as I enjoy the build aspect but I'd prefer not to receive toys/figures if possible. However, as MB pointed out - my kids would still end up enjoying them if that's the direction my SS decides to go.
  23. BR12819's Avatar
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    Oct 12, 2017, 3:36 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #23

    I've been a member far too long not to have taken part in this. So, here we go!

    Interests as follows:
    Blade Runner
    Star Wars
    Indiana Jones
    Metal Gear Solid

    Looking forward to participating this year. I would prefer domestic US shipping. Cheers!
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  24. Member Since
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    Oct 12, 2017, 6:14 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #24

    I missed this last year but I have some cool stuff. So Michael if you can hook me up with a Star Wars fan that would be great.

    My interests are of course in props in sci fi but specifically:

    Star Wars
    Blade Runner
    Battlestar Galactica
    2001 A Space Odyssey
    Star Trek

    Thanks. Happy soon to be holidays.
  25. Cadeus's Avatar
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    Oct 12, 2017, 7:53 PM - Re: 2017 SECRET SANTA THREAD - Entry now OPEN! #25

    HEY!!! I noticed the secret santa thread is only stuck to the "replica props" section... I remember there are always a lot of people who miss it cause they don't catch it before the deadline. I thought it might increase participation if this thread was temporarily stuck in all sections for a week or two, to give people a fair chance to see it. not everybody checks out all the sections every other day like I do. Just an idea.