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    6 Days Ago  Apr 17, 2018, 12:28 PM - Re: The Walking Dead Season 8 #476

    cayman shen said: View Post
    My favorite part was when Negan was hiding behind a tree in the middle of a huge field, and rather than circle out twenty or thirty feet, Rick just runs up right next to the tree so Negan can jump him. I know the writers' drool probably blurs some crucial stage direction when it comes time to film this crap, but c'mon.
    That was ridiculous much like their previous encounter a few episodes earlier. Rick is so good at killing people unless its Negan.
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    4 Days Ago  Apr 19, 2018, 8:32 AM - Re: The Walking Dead Season 8 #477

    All I could think of when the episode ended that the actor that played Carl must have said "I lost my job for that??".
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    4 Days Ago  Apr 19, 2018, 11:27 AM - Re: The Walking Dead Season 8 #478

    I know that we've all felt that the show has been too long drawn out lately, but now that All-out War is over I was thinking of maybe sitting down over a few days and binge watching the last three seasons, or whenever the first appearance of The Saviors was and see how the story actually plays out all-in-a-row. I know it seems like forever since this thing started, but isn't it supposed to be like only a month or so since Rick first invaded the satellite outpost?

    I'm just wondering if the story would feel as dull if taken in all at once instead of having to simmer in it for three years.

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