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    4 Hours Ago  Mar 21, 2018, 8:39 AM - Re: The Walking Dead Season 8 #351

    annanake said: View Post
    O.K. so now if thou spread zombie guts all over thine self you could get infected and turn . ummm humm .
    Apparently that's Gabriel's problem . which also gave Negan his bright idea .

    But at the same time they are getting ready to introduce us to group that lives 24/7 coverd in zombie goo ??????????????

    Oh yeah and if there like the comic, they go around rapeing each other while covered in zombie goo too !

    Makes no sense at all .

    Oh yeah and we forgot about windmills .
    yuuuuup my thoughts exactly... this contradicts every single time they have done this... and i believe rick and glenn did this in season 1 in the city to get away from the hoard... has these new writers even watched the pervious seasons?

    also, im amazed no one is speculating or talking about rick underneath the tree with the bloody hand, at the end of the carol death episode

    i dont see this being talked about anywhere? the scene was so out of place, and i cant think of any reason for it to be in there other than a editing mistake?
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    1 Hour Ago  Mar 21, 2018, 12:21 PM - Re: The Walking Dead Season 8 #352

    I suppose there could be a chance that it doesn't incorrect assumption by Negan. Not holding my breath though.

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