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    I'm about to try to build a speeder bike I've purchased plenty stuff for it and plan to improvise on a lot of smaller parts but I'm most concerned just now about drawing the above view of the speeder bike on to the ply wood and also I'm having haste finding the foam another guy used for his build he called it builders pink foam he used italong with cut ply wood for like creating the body for the spray foam to go around and between before proxy process etc
    Can anyone help with either the foam I'm on about or a easy way to draw above shape onto the wood?
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    Home Depot or Lowe's in the USA.

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    Markas1976 said: View Post
    I'm about to try...
    Do. Or do not. There is no try.
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    Hi Markas1976,
    Here is a really great thread, it's a speeder bike scratch build :
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    I just googled 'speeder bike blueprint' :

    lots of info ... do some good research and remember ... always measure twice before you cut once

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    Thanks for the help guys I've started slowly by cutting out the main board for creating the body of the speeder bike. I feel once I get the middle beam that's shaped a lot like a fin measured well and attached that I will finally have more of a grip of this build well I'm hoping anyway lol
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    That's one build I am looking at quite a lot folky patrol I've purchased the west systems proxy etc like in his build and am approaching it in same way with the wood and foam sheathing Rome wasn't built in a day so I will b patient and do a better job like sym chat says too measure more again before the cut I've measured a few times drew up plans rubbed them out and repeat but each time they improve so it's good advice.
    i am actually doing the measuring and shaping by freehand so to speak as till now I've no way of getting the pieces to life size to aid my build so as u can imagine it's harder and slower but I love a challenge lol
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    That is very true I am gona build not try but succeed
    I sorted some planning for the body of the speeder bike I've freehand drew the board shape and the heights of the pieces running all along the whole body and also for the middle piece like a long fin almost free hand too looks decent have to say trial and error lol.
    Just when came into house I decided to have a go at making the engine piece I had silver card I got from work and was going to bed actually when spotted my black tin from Jon Paul gautier ideal shape and size for the engine piece so I took it to my room with scissors the silver card and a pen and here is how I did Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSC_3688.JPG 
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