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    4 Hours Ago  Jun 25, 2017, 7:55 PM - Re: Wonder Woman (Post-release) #201

    @Fawbish Sorry man. Yeah I didnt hate it, but I didnt love it either, glad I saw it though. I thought it was a pretty basic origin story, nothing really compelling, but I did really like the nod to Richard Donners Superman, that was cool. I sure as hell didnt cry in any scenes

    I would have to see it again to clarify what the point of the Amazons were, if they were so secluded from Mans world. I also thought that scene was pretty lackluster, and kind of forced, when Diana leaves the island I mean. We knew it was going to happen, but didnt have the impact I was hoping for. I wish we spent more time on the island to be honest. Yeah, they said she was the only child on the island.

    Thats definitely a good interpretation and I appreciate that insightful look. I know this isnt a fair comparison, but Im going to say it anyway, if youre going to do the love message, Harry Potter did it WAY better, I know it was a ton of movies worth, but when you have such a cheesy message, its best to give little tastes of it, rather than one hamfisted bowl to the face, in my opinion anyway. Like I said, Steve Trevor dying took all the emotion out of it for me because it was SO unecessary. Its like he threw his life away for no reason other than for Diana to get pissed and unleash the power of the bracers? That NOBODY mentions why she has them, or as to why they are powerful. Kind of thought that was weird too. I was also hoping that they were going to explain why that outfit was so different than the others. Did they say and I missed it?

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    Zuiun said: View Post
    *THIS* movie was about her single-minded quest to stop Ares, which she does... and learns that stopping him didn't fix anything, which gives WW her ultimate purpose going forward: to better mankind (e.g., be a hero). That's the point I was getting at.
    Ah. I wonder if there are going to be scenes in Justice League as to how she has been bettering man kind for almost a hundred years.
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    19 Minutes Ago  Jun 26, 2017, 12:03 AM - Re: Wonder Woman (Post-release) #202

    Snikt said: View Post
    It was very paint by numbers for me, a little of captain america, a little thor, and a lot of stuff I have seen before. I swear to god they went to the same bar cap did to recruit the howling commandos.

    Yes, I thought so too...BUT, that's actually what I wanted DC to do. Learn a little from Marvels example. It's still not enough to make me care about Justice League yet...they need to dig Superman out of the dark and emo trashcan he's been dumped in to get me back on board, but it's definitely a good start. I'll definitely see the next WW movie.

    My hope is still that the success of this movie makes them rethink how they've been handling their other super hero movies.

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