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    Sep 5, 2017, 7:22 PM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #51

    DragonCon is over now and I can report on the durability etc.

    One side of the shoulder piece mesh broke completely in transit to Atlanta, but it was fortunately easy to fix relatively cleanly in 10 minutes with a piece of fold-over elastic. Just enough delay to make me arrive slightly late at the RPF meeting, but nothing serious. I'll replace the part with a TPE version (flexible filament). PETG just cracks if you bend it too far and that's what happened here. It's possible I didn't pack it adequately.

    I had intermittent connection issues with the neopixel strip connector throughout the weekend, but nothing serious. My choice of connector was probably the worst possible, so I will change to a different connector type. Back when I built the sword, I didn't have any crimp connectors (nor any experience using them).

    The knee joints were performing admirably and I was really surprised they were holding up so well. I had no problems moving normally with the leg armors on.

    The Heroes of CW shoot went well and there are some photos in the discussions of that Facebook event:

    Up until fairly late at the Georgia Aquarium party, everything else was working great. Then, I noticed one of the cap pieces was a bit loose, so started to tighten it slightly, which then resulted in the threaded part breaking off completely from the base. Saturday was the last planned time to use the suit anyway, so I dropped off the right lower leg part at the hotel and went without it.

    On my way to a panel slightly after midnight that night, some young women walking on the skybridge decided they didn't want to cross after all and one of them made a sudden U-turn and bumped into me, which caused me to drop the sword. The electronics compartment cracked near the guard and the connection to the neopixels became practically unusable. I took out the battery and called it a night a bit after.

    I could stick to PETG for the knee joints and just increase walls & infill + add structural tweaks, but I may also consider a semi-flex TPE. ABS could also be a good choice, so I may finally give my silver ABS a try. My original joint design had an easily replaceable thread. Going back to that design may be a good idea, because if then if thread breaks again it can be replaced on the fly without soldering etc. The thread would also be quite easy to CNC (or machine by hand) from a stronger material.

    Since I'm going to have to rebuild the electronics compartment from scratch, I'm going to look into making the connection between the hilt and the guard a bit more rigid.

    I also lost the end cap of the sword sheath, but it was just a press-fit part that I knew might drop off at some point. I should have glued it on or at least designed teeth on it, so that it would have gripped the fabric that it was covering a bit better. It didn't really have much of a function other than screen-accuracy.

    I had a photographer friend with me at DragonCon, so I have a bunch of photos that I'm going through at the moment. I need to clear my Lightroom edits with him before I post anything, so it might take a few days before I can show them to anyone. He got somewhat distracted at the time of the Heroes of CW shoot, so I only have my iPhone snapshots + whatever others have published from that shoot.

    Many thanks to those who came to the Heroes of CW meeting. I skipped the big DC meeting, because I found a reason to wear my Black Widow costume on Saturday afternoon. I "was" Alex Danvers for about 4 hours on Thursday (RPF meeting & after that), maybe 6 hours on Friday (Heroes of CW) and around 6 hours on Saturday for the Aquarium party. Given the number of photos that were taken and compliments that were given, I would expect a few photos to pop up on the web pretty soon. I "was" Black Widow on Friday evening, Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday. I had the Infinity Wars blonde hair on Sunday, so I'm pretty easy to find in the big Marvel photoshoot photos once those start to appear.

    I'm kind of hoping to find a better wig (the one I have is a great color, but doesn't have a lace front). I should probably also thin the wig a bit to make it look more natural. I didn't find time to work on the software after DragonCon started – I'll get back to it once I'm home again.

    Durability score: pretty good for a freshly designed cosplay and certainly adequate for Dragoncon.
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    Sep 9, 2017, 9:04 AM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #52

    OMG you did it!!!!! its looks great. first wears at cons are the worse but good to know that everything is fixable. Well done.
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    Sep 14, 2017, 9:29 AM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #53

    Thanks for the report. Besides a few (unavoidable) setbacks, it sounds that everything performed as designed. Excellent work, congratulations! I hope those girls were sincerely apologetic Or at least hesitated long enough to see the damage they caused. . Looking forward to photos.
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    Sep 14, 2017, 10:17 AM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #54

    I think the exact description of their reaction would be "completely oblivious" and I'm not surprised. I printed two new parts for the knee joints using more walls and infill. I tried a few things to make the model stronger, but ended up using the original design after all. I haven't touched the sword yet, but I expect I'll make some design changes where the hilt and guard connect to make it stronger and I'll make room for a better display between the LED strip and electronics.

    I'm posting here on a much happier note though...Here are some photos of the costume at Dragoncon 2017:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	170901-19.40.43-0131.jpg 
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ID:	758668Click image for larger version. 

Name:	170901-19.40.57-0131.jpg 
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ID:	758669Click image for larger version. 

Name:	170901-19.43.07-0131.jpg 
Views:	92 
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Name:	170901-20.15.38-0131.jpg 
Views:	48 
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ID:	758671Click image for larger version. 

Name:	170903-02.40.35-0131-2.jpg 
Views:	52 
Size:	2.84 MB 
ID:	758672

    I changed the LED colors to blue/cyan for the party at the Georgia Aquarium. I guess Bizarro was sighted in the area...
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    Nov 17, 2017, 6:28 PM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #55

    Your build looks amazing!! Would I be able to borrow or buy a copy of your 3D print files for the sword please? No stress if you don't want to share
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    Nov 22, 2017, 3:36 PM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #56

    Coud do... I would need to write some printing instructions and decide how/where to post the files. MyMinifactory might be ok. If I use my own site, I don’t think people will be able to find the files very easily. Many of the parts print really tall, so good bed adhesion is important or prints will fall over.
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    Nov 24, 2017, 8:38 PM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #57

    I would super appreciate any tips on how to print them if you decide to write a guide.
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    Nov 27, 2017, 2:07 PM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #58

    I created an account on MyMiniFactory and uploaded a simple model just to see how it works. I'll try to get to uploading the sword later this week, but we'll see.

    If there's interest, I'll have to see to do about documenting the electronics & software.
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    Nov 30, 2017, 10:48 AM - Re: Alex Danvers (Supergirl TV) #59

    BelleCosplay said: View Post
    Your build looks amazing!! Would I be able to borrow or buy a copy of your 3D print files for the sword please? No stress if you don't want to share
    The sword model is available now (currently in review, but accessible with the direct link):

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