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    Jun 24, 2017, 7:13 PM - Re: Carrie Fisher had a heart attack... R.I.P. #376

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    Nope, it's pretty easy. See it in patients from time to time. And yes, any young person in the E.R. who freely admits to using marijuana, but denies using ANYTHING ELSE with one hand on the Bible, and swears on their dead mother's grave, etc.... it's amazing how many times a quick urine drug screen will show positive for other substances.

    Cocaine: we typically say that it will still show positive up to 3 days after use (urine test), but I've seen it there a week later, when we know the patient wasn't using during that time.
    i heard them say 3 days or so too. again all these tests are urine tests. i would never survive a blood test, not because of drugs, i just hate needles lol

    again this is what these "party" guys were explaining to me. can you grab coke and heroin from hair samples too? or is that just pot?

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