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    1 Week Ago  Aug 10, 2017, 12:27 PM - Re: Rogue One Rebel Soldier Helmet #826

    Well... that wasn't my latest quote about that rubber band. As you can see above, I got rubber bands (with the seam in the middle) made out of tubes. Anyway its not that easy to find the right tubes.

    To be honest, I think the first thing everyone does, is researching the original military use (especially when it comes to Starwars. Anyway. Thank you for this Pro- Advise.

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    Given how long this thread has gone on I'm surprised no one seems to have figured this out. They got them from the same place Vietnam era soldiers got them. They're cut from tire inner tubes (bicycle inner tubes work just fine, though GI's used ones from truck tires). Also, it seems that most of the M1 type helmets showing up in screen caps are Austrian M72 patterns (based on the unique double hook pattern on the chin strap). But, since it's fantastically unlikely that EVERY. SINGLE. HELMET. used in the film was of that type, it shouldn't be an issue to use another variant. If your researching props or costumes made from real world military gear, I humbly suggest researching the original military use, rather that limiting your search to looking at film /episode related info. I've found it illuminating.
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    That was one of the first thoughts. But when you look at the bands they are manufactured and not cut from a tube.
    I think they are cutted. If you stretch roughly cutted ones, the look like the ones in the movies.

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