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    Mar 24, 2017, 12:40 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #101

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    You're a beast! This is some amazing work, indeed.

    Loving this build
    Thank you. Most of that work was between 9pm and 3am
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    Mar 24, 2017, 12:43 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #102

    Hahaha story of my life, man.
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    Mar 24, 2017, 12:59 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #103

    Doesn't everyone other than students and actors get everything fun done during those hours? LOL
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    Mar 24, 2017, 10:33 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #104

    Cut out the puppet plates while on my lunch break today. It's amazing how fast the work is when you use the right tool. Tried to start cutting these with my dremel last night and got nowhere. Jigsaw took 3 minutes.

    Also went by Home Depot on the way home. Got some bigger screw eyes for guiding the draining pipe. Also found some hinges and 3/4" pipe for the finger controls. I think I have everything I need to assemble tonight. We shall see.

    8 days left and doing great!
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    Mar 26, 2017, 2:42 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #105

    Well I am definitely in con cosplay crunch mode. The last two nights i've worked from 9pm to 3am. Making great progress but feeling a little tired.
    With the puppet plates cut out I marked where they would be slotted into the forearm. This narrow rectangle was cut out with my dremel.

    Held mostly by friction I ran a bead of hot glue along the edge and ran 3 screws through the PVC pipe to secure everything nice and tight. This joint would undergo a lot of stress and needed to hold fast.

    I mocked up the position before final glueing.

    Ready to paint.

    Primer coat.

    Flat black coat. I painted at this step because the wood would be under a lot of hardware. I'll touch the hardware up with more black paint but this way no wood grain will ever show through.

    Ready for hardware.

    I finished the rest of the fingers for the right hand. And did some elastic and tendon tests.

    I ended up not re-doing any of the connection bars but instead ran the tendons and elastic on the outside of the finger.

    Starting plans for the finger controls. Riveted 3/4" PVC rings to these hinges to make finger holes. I ended up replacing all of these with 1" pipe rings. The 3/4" was too narrow with the rivet poking inside.

    I keep my first knuckle just before the hinges.

    Starting to come together. I finished adding the 1" pipe to the finger tips. Added screw eyes to guide the tendon pipes. Also added some 1" elastic looped around the plate to hold my hand down. And some 2mm foam to protect my knuckles from the hinges.

    The elastic is tight but needs to be in order to have the plate move.

    Each line was far longer than I would need. Always over do it on home runs.

    I started to add the tendon pipes. This worked out great with the screw eyes and cable tacks.

    I love the detail on this picture. This is where months of planning and design work pay off.

    The gap will have the small turnbuckles to add tension between the finger ring run and the K2 hand run lines.

    I need to keep both arms on at the same time. It's a both or nothing situation now as one arm is too heavy to stay on by itself without balance.

    Added the clear tubing on the bottom of the digits for the tendon line. Elastic is attached along the top. Lots of tape but it will be covered in 2mm foam.

    This has the left pointer finger completely wired up.

    To quote "The Princess Bride"
    You just wiggled your finger, thats wonderful!

    I need to move back the screwed down cable covers a little to allow the turnbuckle to slide back another inch. This will let the finger curl completely. But the concept has paid off. It's been a long few days but immense progress has been made.

    I called it early tonight to catch up on my sleep.
    Tomorrow I plan to wire up the right hand and make all of the connections for both arms. Then I can begin encasing all of the mechanisms in foam.

    I'll still need to use all of my free time for completing this project, but I have a plan and i'm sticking too it. I also practiced moving the puppet arms around while harnessed in and the range of motion is great. I'll still need to practice but it's working just as I had intended it.

    6 days left Here comes Saturday!
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    Mar 29, 2017, 6:45 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #106

    Today was a day of progress and setbacks. I have a ton of pictures to upload but won't be able to post them until tomorrow.

    I glued together the 3D printed head and mounted the camera. But I put way too much bondo putty on the head so I need to sand most of it off.

    I found the perfect hardware for the eyes and wired those up.

    I finished the thumbs and began encasing the arms in foam. I've cut out the hand pieces and am ready to glue.
    Unfortunately the power switch on my belt sander has blown out. So that took us down. Fortunately I don't think I'm cutting through anything thicker than 1 sheet. It will just be a little slower.

    Head - 50%
    Torso - 10%
    Arms - 75%
    Legs - 40%
    Harness - 60%

    3 more days, can he do it!
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    Mar 29, 2017, 8:40 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #107

    Are you going out of town the next couple of weeks? Celebration is 13-16th and I thought that was your goal.
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    Mar 29, 2017, 2:24 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #108

    Nice progress! I am a big fan of your construction!
    Cool idea with the hands!
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    Mar 29, 2017, 2:58 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #109

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    Are you going out of town the next couple of weeks? Celebration is 13-16th and I thought that was your goal.
    Not going to Celebration. Wondercon in Anaheim is my target. Then next will be the SoCal RPF meetup.
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    Mar 29, 2017, 4:16 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #110

    Great job on the hand mechanisms. Very clever and effective. Can you get enough cable pull with your finger to close up K2's finger all the way?
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    Mar 29, 2017, 6:57 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #111

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    Great job on the hand mechanisms. Very clever and effective. Can you get enough cable pull with your finger to close up K2's finger all the way?
    They close about 70%-80%
    I'll later change his hands to be cables linked to a linkage driven mechanism. So a very small motion on the cable will close his whole hand. That's K-2.0
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    Mar 29, 2017, 6:58 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #112

    Ooh, awesome! Will you be there on Sunday? I'd love to see this thing in person.
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    Mar 29, 2017, 7:06 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #113

    kman said: View Post
    Ooh, awesome! Will you be there on Sunday? I'd love to see this thing in person.
    Just Saturday. But I mostly built him for Con Appearances. I'll keep a calendar or "appearing next" section on my website. Http://
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    Mar 30, 2017, 2:17 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #114

    Well it's been a few days since i've posted pictures, I've been doing a few late nights in a row. It's so quiet at night and peaceful. My most productive time is between 9p and 3a.
    But here are the pics from Sunday - Tuesday night's work.

    I wired up the other 3 fingers on each hand using the mini turnbuckles. They worked great. I had to move the screwed down cable covers to allow them to shift enough.

    Time for some primer filler on the 3d printed pieces.

    Everything got a coat or two. It really helped smooth things out.

    But i'll still need some bondo putty.... we'll get to that later :/

    No more fumes for me. Listen guys and gals, you NEED a respirator if you are using paint or glue, if you can smell it, you are breathing it in. If you don't have one, Get One!

    Watching some twitch while I work. I've streamed some but no one seems to be watching while the world is asleep.

    If you do want to follow my twitch channel it's here:

    Cut out the center cores for all of the joint pucks.

    Got pretty good with the bandsaw.

    Storage, not drying.

    Next piece to fabricate was the arm edges that touch the joints.

    This is the elbow. Again the bandsaw makes quick work of the foam.

    Test fit.

    Glued in the two end shapes.

    Cut some curved foam to add more glueable surface area.

    So I put two screws in the hinge to act as a stop so his elbows don't double back. In this picture the leftmost puck is glued to the top and the rightmost is glued to the bottom.

    I also figured out how to close the middle. I won't end up using the core pucks I cut but instead put either 2mm or 6mm foam in a ring around the inside on both pucks. With 2mm~ in the middle. It will cover most of the gap and pivot smoothly! Can't wait to get that installed.

    I'm very very happy with this joint. It's one thing to have a concept in your head, it's another to see it actually work! The screw stops keep the end pieces from touching and crushing the foam. Everything has tight clerances but nothing touches.
    IMB_uDHjmL by drscifi, on Flickr

    Counter sunk the mirrors in the ankle and wrist pucks.

    The ankle pucks.

    All joint pucks are done.

    Another great build shot. You can really see the illusion work. It feels like the joint is hollow. It won't always look like this from some angles, but I love the slight of hand.

    While wandering around Home Depot, as I tend to do. I came upon these nylon hose elbows.

    I had tried just lighting K2's eyes with the 5 led's under the milk jug disc, but they didn't diffuse enough and just looked like he had fireflies in his eyes.
    I pushed one led up into the center and wrapped 4 around the back in a square.

    The whole thing illuminates and disperses the light evenly.

    Two eyes wired up with extra on the side. I might tuck the middle LED down on the bottom of the head as an indicator that the eyes are on.

    With the right angle they sit flush on the support shelf inside the head.

    And look AMAZING! Just what I wanted. K-2SO doesn't have Iron Giant glow eyes, he has irisis and pupils.

    His eyes are more like rings, and actually shift as he looks around.


    In gif form.

    I drilled out the holes on this little side chip.

    It will let some of those extra eye LED's through.

    Time for super glue.

    Did some streaming.

    It was so fun to put this puzzle together.

    Everything fits. Trying out a place for the spy camera.

    I'm going to moun the spy camera circuit board here so the power/status LED can be seen.

    Might use this LED or might use the eye white ones. Which will probably wash this one out.

    Temp holding the spy camera in place. Again, when the head is black you won't see the ribon at all.

    Marking out a cut out to hold the ribbon when the two pieces are joined.

    Trimming 3d Prints is interesting, you never know whats beneith the surface.


    It sits flush.

    Time for super glue.

    The lip shelf was a great clamp spot while the glue set.

    Two tusks

    You can see how the filler primer really helps reduce or even eliminate the 3d print striations.

    The head is in 3 pices at this point. The mouth plate/vocordor is one, the tusks and jaw is the second and the rest is the third.

    Looking good.

    So I've never done bondo putty to hide seams and 3d print striations before, and went a little overboard. It added some weight to the head and looks terrable. But lesson learned. Time to sand sand sand.

    Figured out how i'm going to mount the head. I'm building a small platform glued into the head made out of foam. REM (Rare Earth Magnets) will connect the platform to the pan/tilt. This way I can remove the head to install components etc but it will stay secure. No bobble head.

    Ugh, added some more filler primer to try to cover up the clay. Welcome to stone golumn K2.

    Jeeze, This was the low point of the build. Everything was so good up to now. But I pushed through and set this pieces aside. Time to work on something else.

    The components of the inner mount. It straddles the "V" groove inside the top of the head.

    REM magnets will go on this plate, though I need to lower it some.

    Thumbs! Time to finally get the inside of the hands complete so I can skin the arms in foam.

    Working out the angle and placment of the thumb was tricky. Then mirroring it on the other side was even trickier.

    It wiggles a little, but you gotta have thumbs.

    The wired up hand.

    I hang the arms up on the chain link fense when i'm not working on thme. But seriously, I feel like IRON Man making his armor almost every day.

    Yep, I'm Tony Stark.

    Same work bench. Time to start skinning.

    I cut out the palm/back of the hands. Sadly this will be the last pices my bandsaw cuts. As my second setback of the day the power switch started smoking. So the saw is kaput for now. Fortunatly I've already cut all of the stacked/thick foam I need. Everything else is 2mm, 6mm or 8mm. I should be able to handle that with my knife. Though it will be a little slower.

    Glued in the wrist pucks. Had to move around the tendons some. For the wrists I do use the original concept center puck as this part doesn't pivot. The way he rotates is hands is to rotate his whole arm.

    Scoring the top and bottom of the hands. Once I heat seal these they will open up some and look awesome!

    Ready to glue, but it's 5am so time for sleep.

    Whew, what an update. Only 3 more nights until Wondercon Anaheim! I can't wait.
    That's 69 more pictures of K-2SO.
    Now back to work for a couple of hours.
    Let me know if you want me to try streaming some on Thursday and Friday.
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    Apr 1, 2017, 2:23 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #115

    FOAM! Let's cut it up.

    Starting on a small piece. The back Cog and Bars port with antenna. Already blue printed this out. It's a little rough doing curves without the bandsaw but I manage.

    Drawing in the locations of the lights.

    Used some old wi-fi router antennas. I'll keep these unpainted to have a different texture.

    Need to make my lights red, tried making a gel with marker.

    Then found some craft beads.

    Taped the beads over the lights.

    Taped them down over the holes in the back.

    Instant red lights.

    Prepped for paint.

    Painted piece. Just need to add the pin-striping and glue in the antenna.

    Added in the side pieces of the hand plates.

    More plates.

    Plasti-dipped the bottom of the feet for extra resilience.

    I might add another coat later but the first coat is nice and thick.

    Finishing the forearms tonight. Used my cone maker program to get the angles right. 3" at the wrist, 4" at the elbow and 15" long.

    Using the 31" big fig and the 6" black series I pulled the detail lines from the forearms.

    The upper forearm will be an added piece of 2mm foam to add the stair step effect.

    Heat sealing the foam, also makes it pliable for bending.

    Scored the boxes which will open up with heat.

    Prepping a slot for the control linkages.

    Added a 4" support ring to the end.

    Trimming the opening a little earlier.

    Adde some support spacers mid way on the arm to keep it from being crushed with outside pressure.

    This feels like anatomy class. The arm is glued at the top. It was tricky to work out the sequence of glueing the seams. Started with adding the 4" at the elbow, then glued the arm to the wrist disc. Then closed up the under seam.

    Now it's already looking like an arm.

    Hung the arm on the skeleton.

    Closing up the second one, forgot to do the 4" first, so that was trickier.

    Two forearms done. You can see the 2mm added pieces to the top half. Also I heat sealed the first arm all at once which taught me, DON'T put a heat gun on an arm that is made of PVC! My pvc coupler started to melt. Fortunately I caught it before damaging the joint.

    Added stops to the knee joints. No chicken legs for K-2SO.

    Feet are done.

    Starting to work on the finger covers.

    Got some 123 Blocks after watching @chinbeard talk about them on youtube. Have used them a ton. Here I'm holding down pieces of 2mm foam so I can add score marks. Each finger will be wrapped around with the foam in this superman shield shape. I can trim it down to each knuckles length.

    Speaking of @chinbeard I got to catch his Q/A stream on Thursday (3/30) Asked him a question about budgeting time on foam projects, and was able to share this build blog. I hope he later had a chance to read through it. I've been watching a lot of twitch while working on K2 and am even prepping for some more over the next two weeks.

    Yes you heard right. K-2SO is not done. I came up a little short for my 4/1 deadline. I was disappointed I couldn't bring him to Wondercon this year, but he will make it for sure in 2018. But I'm still pushing through for my second deadline of 4/15. The So Cal RPF meetup! K-2SO and I will be there!
    I've entered all of my remaining components into a master list in todoist. Only 67 left!

    15 days until the RPF meeup
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    Apr 1, 2017, 9:38 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #116

    Great job!
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    Apr 4, 2017, 2:58 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #117

    Last two nights have been working on the finger covers. I've found a nice schedule for my evenings after work, time with family, dinner and some youtube. Followed by working on K2 between 9-12.

    I took the scored sheets and cut them to length for each finger.

    Using my 123 blocks to support the arm. I discovered I need to be careful where I put pressure on the foam as it can still bend or dent. I'll need to work out some sort of jig or rig I can transport the pieces in. Also for storage so it's not damaged over long periods of time.

    Skinned the thumb and pointer finger.

    After the thumb is done I closed up the inside edge.

    Right hand all skinned except for the finger tips.

    Th palm of the right hand. I'll spray paint black the spaces between the covers at the joints.

    The next night I started on the left hand. Cut out all 15 pieces at once then stuck it all together.

    Most of the steps of this build are building one side, which takes a while to figure out. Then mirroring it on the other side, which goes much faster.

    I traced an extra cover strip that was glued in the shape of the finger covers. It had this guitar pick look. I trimmed out 11 or so pieces for gluing over the fingertips.

    Lots of glue to the fingertips and the fingertip covers.

    The fingertips are holding on nicely. When they are dry I'll trim off any excess around the edges with my sheers.

    Working 2-3 hours every night is giving me good progress but not killing me like my 9p-3a building marathons were. With the hands done I'll start work on the biceps and the shoulder bells tomorrow. I need to get cracking on the legs by Thursday. It's crazy how I felt I could finish all of this last week. Working steadily every night shows me how much work there is to do. 66 items on my todo list with 12 days left.
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    Apr 5, 2017, 2:53 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #118

    I didn't get any more work done on K2 tonight but I did find 3 other cosplayers building K-2SO puppets and suits on Instagram! That seriously made my day.

    @harteattackcosplay is building his for C2E2 in only a few weeks. I know how that feels.

    @the_cosplay_guys have a 3D printed head like mine and are going for a suit type approach.

    @imperial_rook has their K2 already walking! I can't tell if they are shorter or if their K2 is just very very tall.

    I love how we all have approached this project differently. How awesome would it be to all meet up once our droids are complete! Keep on building my new K2 friends.

    66 items on my todo list with 11 days left.
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    Apr 9, 2017, 4:28 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #119

    Evenings have been booked the last few nights so I was finally able to make more progress this weekend.
    Friday I started on a side project of sorts. A Death Star Plans Cassette prop for K2 to hold. I didn't need anything 100% accurate and there are much nicer models you can get on the RPF site. But I wanted one that was made of foam and light enough for my droid to hold.

    Worked out the rough dimensions.

    I'll use some leftover PVC pieces for the static sinks on the side.

    Trimmed out the front discs.

    I'm going to make two copies so I doubled everything. Why make one when you can make two.

    All of the front and back discs cut and ready.

    Template for the two sides.

    Getting position dialed in.

    I cut the pvc in half for the side sinks.

    Trimmed a lot of 5/8" strips for the side pieces and inner support.

    Unglued placement of the side walls.

    With the top cover and with the top cover removed.

    I'll also add the pipes in the handle and glue some old ram to the bottom.

    A discarded lid served as the plastic pieces.

    Glued down the outer wall first.

    Only glue on the bottom and inner faces of the outer wall.

    Painted all the discs with my primer gray. Did detail work on the front pieces.

    Tried to only apply glue where needed on the back.

    Back discs in place.

    Super glued down the plastic to be sandwiched below the top piece.

    Finished front.

    Finished back.

    I also picked up a little more PVC to make my head stand. This would also help with assembling the pieces. When K2 is in storage the head will stay inside with me on this stand. Made out of 1-1/4" pvc pieces.

    Primer coat.

    Same black as the rest of K2. Added some leftover bumpers that I tried to use as joint stops.

    With the neck piece in its socket.

    Today was all about the head. I sanded down the bondo to a smoother texture over the whole head.

    Added a new coat of primer. I wasn't 100% satisfied but happy enough to move forward.

    This is actually with the black paint but the color balance is all off. It looks blacker than this image appears.

    Started adding weathering details as I went with silver sharpies.

    Glue ready for the neck ring.

    While contact cement was becoming tacky I installed the eyes.

    Glued down a strip of foam to be the new neck ring.

    Prepping the camera for installation.

    POV camera glued with a small wedge behind it. If I need to I can remove that piece to look ahead more.

    Painted, weathered and glued together.

    My plan is to install a shelf inside the head with REM (Rare Earth Magnets) to connect to the tripod head. I need them strong enough to hold the head on but not too strong to rip the mount out. Keeping 2-3 layers of 8mm foam in between them gives the right pull force.

    Marking the polarity side. Glued foam around the edges.

    Layered with tape.

    Did a test of the neck detail with a little ring of foam. Will detail the whole neck stalk.

    Confirming REM polarity before installation.

    This part took a long time. I reshaped the shelf to be the hight I wanted it and reenforced it to hold the REM. It took a while to find the exact place to glue the shelf that put the pan/tilt head where I wanted it.

    Added some super glue an tape to permanently install the pan/tilt head to the neck stalk. This can be done as the neck can be supported by the stand.

    Attached the POV camera battery to the pan/tilt. This way it's weight won't be on the tilt head.

    Glued in.

    End of a great day. Letting all of the contact cement cure before attempting to join the REM. Might need to fine tune the placement of the magnets etc. Hope to still be able to pan as well as tilt the head. Not a lot of clearance.

    Nocked off almost all of the head category tasks today. Also finished the DS plans cassette. Tomorrow night i'll start fabing the legs and try to knock those out.

    Also know that I'll be brining K-2SO to the SoCal RPF party next Saturday 4/15. I hope to have him finished by then, but he'll be there in whatever state he is in.

    58 items
    on my todo list with 6 days left.
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    Apr 9, 2017, 2:12 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #120

    Such a great build. Enjoying every update
  21. DrscifiProps is offline DrscifiProps
    Apr 9, 2017, 3:34 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build #121

    After 12 hours or so I believed the glue had set for the connecting platform in the head. It "snapped" perfectly onto the pan/tilt and aligned with the magnets. Just enough pull force to hold it in place but still removable.

    His head is getting full of wires. Beneath the blue tape is the switch for the eye LEDs.

    I discovered that the head wouldn't tilt up. There was too much weight in the front. Solution, place my heavy 123 block in the back of the head as a counterweight. This worked great and moved the center of gravity over the pan/tilt.

    Securing the 123 block. I kept all of the batteries in the head now to use their weight for balance.

    Fired up the POV camera for the first time since sanding/painting and it survived! The field of view is mostly clear with only a little bit of the left tusk showing in the corner.

    Really happy with how the weathering is coming along. Here you can see the POV camera, but most people probably won't catch it.

    His eyes look great even when they are off.

    Made a foam filled box for transporting his head. I don't want to leave it on the pan/tilt when not powered so I don't accidentally damage the servos.

    Box head.

    I am so happy the magnets work as intended. He can pan/tilt, it's a slow movement but better than a static neck.

    57 items on my todo list with 6 days left.
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    Apr 9, 2017, 9:46 PM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build - Head Complete! #122

    Very impressive! You must be exceedingly efficient during those wee hours of the morning. I too can only get stuff done at those times (kids, wife, life, etc) but I can't get near as much accomplished. Hard to believe you can squeeze in stuff like the data tapes prop. I would be loosing my mind just trying to get K2 done. Keep it up!
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    Apr 11, 2017, 4:06 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build - Head Complete! #123

    A few hours of work tonight. It's LEG DAY for K2. Not much room on my table but it worked.

    Pulled out my foot top template to cut for the ankle.

    Thats why templates are good, you can reuse them and not reinvent everything.

    The two joining pieces. Ready for the puck rings.

    Went together just like the elbow. Glued in two 2cm strips in the middle to close up that space.I'll replicate this technique on the elbows tomorrow.

    Sketched out the knee joint plates.

    Found the center of these 12cm x 12cm pieces.

    Ready to be glued onto the leg.

    Again I love how the angles come together on this build. The pieces fit great and don't smash into each-other with the stops in place.

    Nice big knee joint.

    I also streamed on for a few hours tonight. I'll try to stream around 10p Pacific the next few nights.

    For the front of the knee I hit a problem. The pvc spider joint wouldn't let me use the same technique as the ankle and elbow as this center strip would not pass by the pipe connector area. So I glued a 4.5cm strip down to one puck but a few cm in from the outer edge.

    Then the next strip on the other side was against the outer edge. Since the knee locks straight and only bends one way this works.

    When the knee is bent there is a small gap but a piece of foam is on the inside.

    The back of the knees aren't great. I may try to replicate the front overlap. But this part gets squished a lot when the joint bends. I think some black paint will help hide most of this mess.

    He looks super spindly without his outer skin on the legs.

    Right leg joints are done. The left should follow quickly as the design portion is already done. The outer skin will be 18" long and go from a 3" circle at the foot to a 4" circle at the knee.

    If I can finish the legs tomorrow and perhaps the arms then only the torso will be left. About 17 hours left scheduled to work on this before Saturday.
    I also realized I had a sublist of items for my supply backpack that I didn't need to count as steps. So I'm down to:
    48 items on my todo list with 4 days left.
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    Apr 12, 2017, 3:52 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build - Head Complete! #124

    Came home for lunch today and finished the ankle and knee joints for the left leg. Tonight I did another twitch stream while I worked on the lower legs.

    Came up with the angles for the lower lower leg. It's very angular.

    Cut out some mid supports to hold the top of the lower lower leg.

    Glued the support in place 10" from the ankle.

    Worked out the angles. 1.75" edges on the front and side with a 2.25" piece on the back.

    Almost forgot to make 2, mirrored of course.

    Scored to bend easier.

    Waiting for the glue to tack.

    One lower lower leg done. Working on the second.

    Both lower lower legs finished.

    Added a 4" circle to mate the lower leg upper piece to.

    Glued it to the pipe and the knee plate.

    You can see the curved lower leg upper cover drying.

    The piece of foam wraps around the 4" circle. First I center it, then tack it to the other glue spots working around to close the seam in the back.

    The back seam is pretty strong. The bottom edge is glued to the lower lower leg piece.

    Both lower legs are done.

    More skin concepts coming together. I love this stage of the project where things are really coming together.

    Tomorrow will be the upper legs and perhaps starting on the torso. I'll try to finish the biceps too.

    Added a cover of 2mm foam to the pan/tilt head. This covers the degree marks.

    Opened up my second can of barge contact cement. Went through the first one. Glad I got 2.

    We'll see how much I have done by the RPF party on Saturday. I don't have a lot of time. Perhaps he won't be weathered, but at least I want the major components together.

    46 items on my todo list with 3 days left.
  25. DrscifiProps is offline DrscifiProps
    Apr 13, 2017, 4:05 AM - Re: ROGUE ONE K-2SO Puppet Build - Head Complete! #125

    K-2SO took some baby steps today. I'm very glad that I did this as it changed some of the design directions I was going. His head is very heavy and very far away from me. He is building up weight which is a small concern. Also I'm glad that I can lock the knees to have him support his own weight when I need to take a break. I feel like i'm working from the outside in, at least in the black vs white parts of him.

    So while taking a test walk the left puppet paddle snapped. The twisting force I put on it was too much for the popler wood.

    Cracked down the grain line. But didn't damage the hardware at all.

    A quick trip to Home Depot and I had a reenforcing bracket. Yes I took my arm to HD to make sure the bracket fit what I needed.

    Screwed down the bracket over the crack.

    Added one to both sides for strength.

    I also shortened one of the connecting pipes on the top half of the harness. This changes the angle to help keep K2 vertical.

    I also put screws in at all of the junctions as the weight of K2 was pulling the pipe apart.

    I swapped out the coupler spider joint for a permanent 45* angle piece. The weight was just too much on the adjustable joint and it was getting close to failing.

    I also added a 45 degree to the setup stand.

    Today was fabricating the elbow skirt sleeve rings.

    I used my paperclip compass trick to draw 5" and 7.5" circles.

    Ready to be cut out.

    The compass trick in action. Just anchor it with a pen on one end and bend the paperclip to the desired lenght.

    The large ring will slip onto the shoulder 1" pvc pipe. The small ring with a notch will be attached to the arm slip-ring and have magnets around its perimeter. The single ring will have magnets and be stapled to one end of the shoulder skirt.

    Cutting out some of the wood to save weight.

    The shoulder plate which will have magnets.

    The ring will have magnets that line up with the shoulder plate. Allowing the skirt sleeve to be connected and hide the shoulder pvc.

    All cut out.

    Trying some magnet placements. I have enough to add 5 per sleeve ring.

    The magnets are about 2/3rds the thickness of the board. I'll counter sink the magnets into the board.

    A little bit of progress tonight but having that walking test in the evening was very important. I'll finish the arm biceps tomorrow and start sewing the shoulder skirts and prepping the main torso foam.

    43 items on my todo list with 2 days left until the So Cal RPF party.

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