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    2 Days Ago  Jul 19, 2017, 9:11 PM - Re: Battle starship #451

    SmilingOtter said: View Post
    I love the angled windows - I think I would have expected them to bend outward at the center, rather than inward. I like being surprised.

    Those are some beautiful meals.
    Thank you, Tom-san,
    My motto is 'If you try to do something, do something opposite of it'.
    It's illogical but it often true for me.

    Dem Bones said: View Post
    Yeah, I really like that bended glass and the technique. Looking forward to seeing if little crew members will eventually occupy the Command Room.

    The bento boxes look delicious as always, especially the omelet with rice and shrimp.
    Thank you very much for the very kind comment.
    This morning I tried to make a figure.
    It's 7 mm tall which means 1/ 260 scale.
    There must be some other technique to make it better.

    And thanks for the comment for the bento.
    My wife loves the Omelet Rice very much since she was a kid.
    Her mother used to cook for her.
    This is an unpretentious Japanese food of the common people, it's called Omurice.
    It's basically cooked rice fried with some chopped vegetables like anything in your refrigerator- carrot, peas, green pepper and chopped bacon or sausage and seasoned with just a ketchup. (Heinz ketchup is good for this) and covered with fried eggs.

    Bengrim09 said: View Post
    Love the bent glass, you are full of surprises and so skilled, Mmmmmm food !! now I'm hungry.
    Thank you very much!! have a nice meal.

    MooCriket said: View Post
    Your updates never disappoint!
    Thank you very much for the cheerful comment, Moo-san.

    And thanks for the suggestion by Leol-san and Hagoth-san, I've just tried to fix that end cap.
    I've happened to find a old souvenir from the past in my junk box.

    It was supposed to be a cowling. I've salvaged and fix it for the end cap as a test fitting.

    How is that?

    It may need a few more twist and would be better longer by an inch or so.

    Thanks for looking

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