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    Oct 28, 2011, 8:38 AM - PREMIUM MEMBER SUBSCRIPTION! - Details and Information #1

    We are VERY excited to be able to offer this to you. It is something we have been asked about multiple times and have wanted to implement for awhile, but just weren't quite ready for it until now!

    So, let's start at the top.

    Why are we implementing a Premium Member Subscription?
    Years ago, when the RPF was much smaller, it was run either by monies donated by the staff or via donation drives from the members. While we greatly appreciate those past donations, depending on donations is a tough way to ensure stability, especially in these economically difficult times. When I took the reigns of the RPF two years ago we stopped taking donations and began relying on advertising to support the site which has been a much more consistent and stable way to ensure the site is self-sustaining for years to come. However, some of you are just too generous and have continued to want to donate to the community you love despite the ads.

    For the past two years we have turned those wishing to donate away because we didn't feel it was fair to make you endure ads AND donate to the site when we really had nothing extra to offer you in return. Again, some of the more generous of you just weren't happy with that and we have continued to be asked how you can donate to the site. Thus was born the Premium Membership Subscription, which allows you to support the site in a small way, while getting something back as well in the form of small perks.

    So, the ultimate answer to why we have implemented this subscription service is because YOU wanted it!

    Who can become a Premium Member?
    Any registered member can become a Premium Member. Please note, if you are a new member, this will NOT allow you to skip to full membership. You will still have to complete your 50 posts and 90 day obligation.

    How do you become a Premium Member?
    It's pretty simple. You purchase a subscription via Paypal, and your user account is automatically upgraded to Premium Member status. Subscriptions are billed monthly or yearly (your choice), and will automatically renew until terminated.

    To purchase your Premium Member subscription, go to your UserCP, scroll down to the bottom of the left menu until you see the Miscellaneous Menu category. Under this category click "Paid Subscriptions" which will take you to the Paid Subscriptions page where you can purchase your Premium Member subscription and view your existing subscriptions and how much time remains on them!

    Or... click this link:

    If you wish to give a Premium Member Subscription as a gift or just don't like using Paypal, we also offer subscriptions (1 month, 1 year or 2 years) through the RPF Merchandise online store.

    What is the cost and what subscriptions are available?
    We have 3 subscriptions;

    Full member monthly: A recurring charge of $4 a month until you cancel the subscription.
    Full member yearly: A recurring charge of $36 a year until you cancel the subscription.
    New member yearly: A recurring charge of $36 a year until you cancel the subscription.

    You will notice that new members don't have the option of purchasing a monthly subscription. There is a reason for that, but we won't go into it at this point.

    And now for the part that most of you want to know about:

    What perks do you get as a Premium Member?
    These are the perks you will receive as a Premium Member.

    • Ability to create sales threads in the Junkyard forum.
    • Ability to create threads in the Project Runs forum (provided that you have been a member for 90 days and have at least 50 posts)
    • Ability to post in existing WTB threads in the Want to Buy forum.
    • Increase of PM box from 400 to 1200.
    • Can Set Self to Invisible Mode
    • Premium Member Badge (can take up to 48 hours to be activated)
    • Access to Use Custom User Title
    • Maximum Number of Album Pictures from 50 to 100.
    • Limited Ads - We remove the bulk of our affiliate and adsense ads.
    • Access to Premium Member Forum
    • "Pay it Forward" Trading
    • User Name Changes (after becoming a Premium Member, use the following link to post your user name change request
    • Ability to put links in your signature

    Problems getting a Premium Membership?
    Some members in Europe MAY have issues obtaining a Premium Membership due to EU rules regarding Paypal and credit cards. If this happens to you, you can manually purchase a Premium Membership via our store:

    Legal Disclaimer
    With the Premium Member Subscription comes additional Legal disclaimers. We encourage you to read through our SUBSCRIBER USER AGREEMENT before purchasing a subscription.

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