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Hello...I am attempting to make the self destruct unit from ALIEN and was reading about the DANGER graphic you produced for ProMod's build. I wonder if it might be possible to get a copy of it for my build. I have the image available on Ebay as a poster graphic but it's quite pixelated when blown up to full size

Hello Dymerski,

I just picked up a denix StG 44 and was researching how I could convert it to a DLT-20 a. I am totally interested in your build. Do you offer build kits or a finished product? Thanks in advance
Hey Terminator, can I ask a favor please. I need a shot of the area circled in green. Would you mind taking a few photos and sending them to me?


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Hi there, I hope your doing well during these most challenging times here in the UK. I have only recently have come across your work on and wow just wow absolutely amazing, I’m wondering are you still offering the Vader ESB helmet and armour I’m guessing the list is at an arms length lol but that’s okay with me as I’m happy to wait as I'm currently paying off my all replica Ringwraith costume.
Hi Thank you for appreciating my work a trade would be great could I see some of your work?
Great news Thanks. I was asking just baout the folders them self as we can't get them here in the UK?
I sent you a email with files
My Files are sent enjoy!
Hello! I saw your photos of the grail manuscript and the black and white template scans. Would there be any way to find those scans or even purchase them from you? I'd be interested in all six pages including the friars manuscript, the 1912 manuscript and the knights bible. All of these I mean the black and white templates of the pages. If you could get back to me I'd greatly appreciate it!
Hi there,

I hope you don’t mind the message out of the blue but are you still producing any of the Antimatter device parts from the Angels and Demons film.

Like you, this is something I have searched for, for a long time and would love the opportunity to try and build this.

Best regards

I ll take the kit off your hands. Can you contact me with total cost including shipping? Thanks!
Fan of Judge Dredd. Looking to eventually make a cosplay, but not nearly ready yet.
Hey Kevin, an email out of the blue... do you have any parts left from your super solider serum vial sale? I know I am a decade late but what the hell? Thanks for you consideration.

David much does he charges for a complete jet pack?

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