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Looking for ideas and templates for doing a Predator build. Very much a fan of the Jungle Hunter Yautja. I’m very new to props building and cosplay. Learning about eva, worbla, and sintra.
I have the joker knife the Smith and Wesson1600 B and it’s in the box and I was wondering if anybody knows the price of it
I am a collector of movie memorabilia, and my goal in life, my dream is my own "Movie Museum", if you don't have a dream, then how do you expect to have a dream come true?
I like your sentiment. Dreams are nothing without persistence, and persistence is nothing with a goal.
Anyone know what type of chemical bottle was used for peter’s web fluid in Spider-Man Homecoming?

Tonya Winter
Tonya Winter
I did a google search for brown PET bottles and saw several that look similar. I bet you have this done by now though...
hello dylan my name is nicolas navarro, my email is nicolás, I'm from Argentina, I'm a Star Wars fan (I'm on 501st, DZ 5998) and obviously Indiana Jones, I'm wanting to make the grail diary and looking I found this site online, I wanted to know how I have to do to access the files, in advance thank you very much for so much work and I am waiting for your answer !!!
I would like to download the signatures and inserts for the grail diary if they are still available. My name is Chris Stockton, prof falken, Lander and USA.
Hey Buddy

I am in the middle of a halo reach armour, but I have always loved the Titan Iron Banner Armour... can I ask, where did you get it... your profile pic looks the **** pal.
Where are you located? If in the US I think everything will fit into flat shipper for $ 30 USD so if you can provide me your PayPal or you can send $ 315 USD to

This includes:

1 Lineage Cast Pair of Vader Shins (Left/Right)
2 Hammond Predrilled Belt Boxes
1 Black Leather Belt with Accessory (Requires Trimming and Button/Clasp Assembly)
1 Belt Buckle requires fabrication
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I have had two other members reach out about purchasing. I’ll await your response until 5pm EST.

If paying by PayPal please make sure delivery address is correct and accurate.
Rawdawg Rollins
Hello I actually just purchased some today I didn't realize you messaged me. I'm very sorry for wasting your time.