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Hello Mike,

I am purchasing a v5 hull from Jason. It will be my birthday present and is my 2nd studio scale kit. The bug has bitten me.
Anyway, I wanted to see if you happened to have any extra wings? The ones Jason has are solid cast. I am super excited about getting this kit and looking forward to it after reading the production thread from a few years ago.
Just following up. Still very interested in the JFS chessboard if available. Please let me know. I can definitely pay in full or in part sir.

Hi ecl. My grandson and I would love to create a Kermit just like yours. He's 13 and very interested in puppetry. We went through the thread you posted that detailed how you created it. There are a few links to the patterns (paper sizes etc.) pdf. files that aren't working (for google drive). Obviously we are stuck without those. We would be very appreciative if you would help us.
Did you ever make more mad max shifters out of epoxy and chromed? If yes, got a hot rod and was wondering if you are interested in selling and how much for one... was thinking of doing it myself but yours looks great. Only caveat is I have 3/8 threaded shifter.

Intersted, new to the forums here What does DEC stand for? Is it some kind of Resin or plastic. I am looking to replace my Master Replicas ANH blaster that I sold a few years ago but cannot see myself spending high $$ like they are going for. Do not need the stand or licensed product. Just looking for a good solid heavy blaster that is as accurate as possible. Is it all metal and Wood? Thanks
Hi couple friends of mine bought some patterns from you last summer and they have tried to contact you about missing files and are asking why arent you answered is everything ok
Hey man how’s it goin. I was curious if you’d be interested in selling your skull and bones international Baggyz if they’re available? Talk soon thanks for you consideration;) cheers

Hey Stephen, I hope you’re well! I’m sorry I won’t be letting go of those pants. Best of luck on your search!

I found your shapeways store, and I was wondering if you plan on doing a neck ring? If not, do you know where I can find one? Thanks!
Yes I have built one now...
Ah, ok I see it there. How did I miss that? Sorry, and thanks!
Sorry is this is a double message, but I am interested in a fully finished/painted Melted Vader Helmet. Please let me know where to direct payment for deposit.

thanks! Mike
I hope the guy below me didn't get both. It would be Agonizing to miss out
Think Jedi
Think Jedi
No worries. He got his and I have 2 more available. I've PMed you...

Hi Bigturc
I just came across your thread about the HIC machined knobs
Do you still have a set left for sale?
Yes I really would like to get another one of these graflex 2.0 kits with a graflex blade plug just let me know and Thanks for keeping me informed with the emails Greatly Thankful for that just let me know Thanks Jim

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