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Hi guys this is my first post so I hope I don't tread on any toes.

I've spent the past few weeks reading the threads in this section of the forum and there are alot of threads on creating a Buzz Lightyear costume, but none on creating Zurg (who is clearly the coolest Toy Story character).

If you need a quick reminder of Zurg's appearance, here is a nice picture:

So I've decided to give costume design a crack. I've managed to acquire a 3d model of Zurg from one of the games I own and I'm in the process of converting it into the various Pepakura files (sadly it seems nobody shares my love of Zurg and there aren't any available on the internet).

So I thought I'd create this thread to bounce some ideas off you guys and to hopefully update you with my progress (If i ever make any).

At the moment the plan is to make the main parts of the costume (head, torso, arms) with eva foam using the Pepakura method. And I thought I'd start things off with the head, but that has some issues with it.

Firstly if you're familiar with Zurg you'll know that his eyes are really high on his head, which means unless you were fortunate enough to be dropped on your head as a child it's highly unlikely your head will fit and eyes line up concurrently.

So I'm thinking that I'll build the eyes but not actually use them, and perhaps create a section of the oversized mouth which I can see out of.

So what I'd like to know is:

Would you recommend creating the helmet first and then cutting out a hole for the mouth? Or adjusting the helmet pepakura file so that the mouth is not included?

What materials are good for allowing me to see through the top of the mouth? (and preferably not making it too obvious that's where my eyes are)

And lastly, the pepakura method is amazing for creating costumes and models to the correct proportions, the only flaw being that it creates very polygonal models, is there any way to give the helmet a more rounded appearance?

Any input is greatly appreciated.


Errol, a hearty welcome to the RPF! I'm mortified to see that nobody's responded to your thread yet.

To get a more rounded appearance, you can add more polygons in your 3d model. You can also smooth things out when you bondo or fiberglass the paper. There's a basic pepakura thread worth checking out, as well as the threads over on the 405th. A lot of technique is covered there.

As for seeing through the mouth, you can use a black headsock. When the material (Cotton, I believe) is stretched near your eyes, you're able to see out (dimly) and people are less able to see in.
I must have missed this thread initially... Glad rollerboi bumped it.

Since Zurg is very tall (compared with the other characters), I'd say your idea of letting Zurg's head/eyes go above yours is a good move. I agree that seeing out of the mouth would be the best option.

And I'd suggest you use the same trick all the Ironman builds use - hide the opening for your eyes right below a lighted section. In your case, I'd light the mouth and then provide a gap below the mouth wide enough to see out of. No need for black material or mesh. The light hides your face/eyes.

Create a gap below the mouth...

Hide it by lighting the yellow mouth area...

Good luck with your build! It would be cool to see this character come to life! :):thumbsup
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