ZORG Industries ZF1 - 3D printed/ metal hybrid replica prop featuring moving parts and accurate light effects.

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Hello everybody,

I am selling a 3D printed/metal hybrid replica ZF1 prop I have recently made.


It is made from a combination of metal, printed and electronic parts including custom designed PCBs.


The prop is sized and scaled from screen grabs from the film. All found parts are represented and even the Star Trek Voyager parts have been faithfully recreated.


This prop would be perfect for conventions, to have in a display or on your shelf at the office!


This version features an upgraded 5000mAh battery located in the barrel so the prop is better balanced and easier to recharge.


As well as metal components, this ZF1 prop is made from many PLA printed parts which can be removed and upgraded. I will be producing limited runs of these parts in the future but would encourage anyone with access to a mill or lathe to do the same. Each part is dimensionally accurate and can be used as a master/reference for your metal version.


The ZF1 is packed with the barrel, rocket and nozzles removed to prevent damage in transit. These are push fit parts.


I am selling the ZF1 with a compatible NIMH battery charger with US/UK/EU plugs. This has been prewired for use with the 5ah battery.

The ZF1 weighs 3.8kg.
Dimensions: L740mm x H320 x W170
Packed with charger and 5000mAh battery.
It will be boxed in a heavy duty cardboard box and then placed in a plywood crate for shipping.
Shipped with insurance.
Shipping internationally from UK (shipping starts from £75 to cover crate and insurance)
Shipping to the United States is £200.

Metal parts list:
Left and right main frame (3mm laser cut aluminium)
Left and right scope frame (3mm laser cut aluminium)
Piston rods front and rear (6+8mm stainless rods)
Darts with turned tips (4mm aluminium rod)
Various pivots for mechanisms (3mm stainless)
Rocket fins (1.2mm laser cut aluminium)
Upper red barrel (12mm aluminium tube)
Upper barrel side rods (3mm stainless rod and 6mm aluminium tube)
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