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Hi everyone! So I am going to a con in a few months, and I've decided I want to cosplay as Zoom from the CW The Flash TV show. The problem is, I have never made clothing before, and have not time to start learning now. So I was going on some online stores to see if I could buy one, but there are so many sellers (on eBay at least) with some being alright, or just embarrassing. I want as official a suit as I can get, and was wondering if anyone here knows of anyone or any place that sells a quality Zoom suit. I've got the cowl covered, so I don't need that (unless you know of a Crazy accurate one). But I still need the jacket, pants, boots, and gloves. If you guys have any info to share, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks everyone!


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well id check etsy or sellfy. i know jesterFX does areally accurate cowl of urethane rubber and foam latex. also try the rocketeer here on the rpf for a cowl.


The rocketeer from here has an amazing version, I actually took it and got it signed by Teddy Sears the actor who played Zoom and he was impressed at how accurate it was he told me two minor things that makes it different(one was weight and slight color difference)

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