zenix's Dune 2021 ring build and research thread


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A lot of interesting research went into this ring's recreation and I wanted to put it in a more cohesive format and permanent place than sprinkled through the interest thread.

side e.png
image.jpg Color.jpg
These four images are the best reference we have. Two are from the film, one is the art and soul of dune art book, and the last is from the legendary crowdfunding campaign.

The key details are the diamond pattern on the sides, the text around the recessed area, and of course the bird on top.
sketch (1).png 1635212320478.png sk 3 (1).png sk4 (1).png
Here are some of the sketches I made working on the side details.

From this article on an interview with the original prop's creator, we learned about the emeralds on the sides.

"The ring features the Atreides coat of arms with a falcon on the top. Engraved on the sides are several details including the phrase “Here I am, here I remain” in the language of Atreides people, which looks similar to the lyrical style of Arabic."
"Here I am, here I remain" so in actual arabic that's
but as it turns out that's not actually what appears on the prop.

in the art book we see some of the letters wrapped around the ring. Juding by the spacing, 8 letters fit around each half, and we found this stone that has the same first two and last two letters of an 8-letter word. That word translates to a phonetic spelling of Atreides, so that was a pretty good giveaway that that's what it said.
1635340475377.png 1635276637641.png
This "rosetta stone" image let us translate the text found on screen which helped confirm our findings.

1636009761960.png dune ring (1).png 1636560193850.png
The bird was sculpted in a separate mesh-based CAD program and I joined them with my autocad model.
We were able to confirm the emeralds in this picture.

1636507487941.png 1636507641435.png
The legendary picture showed us what we had assumed about the symbols but couldn't confirm up until this point. It did however show some slight differences on one of the sides, which we anticipated. Some of the letters were swapped and flipped, and we're assuming that was the original prop maker making a change so as to match the instructions she was given, to make it say "here I am" on one side, and "here I remain," on the other, where most of the letters are the same but some are different.

1636780184083 (1).png 1636780126740 (1).png
I went with the symbols that spell out Atreides phonetically on one side, and then matched what we see in the legendary image on the other side.

green 2mmx2mm princess cut cz gems to be installed after casting

earlier rendering video

resin 3d printed prototype

dune7.jpg dune3.jpg
3d printed metal, gold plated prototype




metal 3d printed prototype, gold plated, chemical patina applied.
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above, prototype with green CZ balanced in place. I'll need to try to manually widen the hole for the prototype to get the gem to sit properly. I corrected the cad model before the prototype arrived, so this is fixed for the production model already, but not the prototype.

PXL_20211130_160344894.jpg PXL_20211130_160358425.jpg PXL_20211130_160423972.jpg PXL_20211130_160416958.jpg

widened opening, epoxied in place

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