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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by NegaMatt, Aug 19, 2015.

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    Hi RPF I am making a Hookshot for a short film and I need some help. The last piece that I need is the actual hook. I am going to weather it and such but I just cannot think of the way to make the hook. The handle is foam covered in aluminium tape, the body is PVC, the chain is...chain. I have leather to make the handle look like the N64 Version.

  2. harrisonp

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    I'm not sure how you'd get the diamond profile that it has in-game, but what about EVA with the edges beveled with a dremel? You could sandwich a dowel/pvc between two piece of foam cut in the shape of the hook.
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    Is the hook going to be extendable or should it sit just on the base itself?
    If it's going to be static I'd go with the idea harrionp already mentioned: Carving the diamond shape from EVA and glueing a pipe into it which get stuffed in the hookshots base :)
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