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In the old Shintaro Katsu Zatoichi films, he often wore these hand guards that are sort of like fabric bracers. I'm currently working on this costume but despite looking all over the web and in several Japanese resources I own, I can't seem to find the proper name for these. Does anyone here know?

I'll attach a couple of pictures of the costume pieces I'm looking to replicate. Thanks in advance for any leads.



I love these films. We have all of them. They finally released the last of the original films! I'm sorry that I don't know, but I'll ask about.
They're called "tekko."

Basically they're tightish tubes (a bit looser at the wrist) with a longish flat tie of the same fabric extending about 12-18" from either side of the centerpoint of the back of the wrist, with an oval back-hand cover and a loop under the cover that you wear over the middle finger like a ring to hold it in place.

This link shows some images. (Ignore the armour bits -- it shares the same name as the armour plate for the back of the hand.)
freakengine, how did the costume turn out? I' d love to know as I am working on my own right now. Also, I found a mid-level quality replica of his sword, but it's unstained. I'm aiming to use "Jacobean" wood stain (from a Home Depot brand). I haven't tested it yet, but a light coat would seem to give a darker brown sheen. So I'm also wondering you applied a stain to your cane sword or if it was manufactured with a stain already.
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