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Does anyone know where I can find a Y wing fighter helmet?



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Richies Armor sells one for about $100. Needs some cleanup but comes with everything you need

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I heard that Dex over at Dented Helmet has a decent version. I'd recommend checking out the Pilot forums of the Rebel Legion, that's where I heard it.


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Yep, Dex made them and he is a member here and Rebellegion.Here are a picture of the Dex helmets.This 2 are in the collection of Mikajedi but I
build and paint them.

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Hi, In another tread you've mencioned that Dex has your molds for the Y Wing Helmet greeblies, is this correct?, do you know if he or maybe you have a set for sale?, and how much will it cost?

I really apreciate your help!! Thanks!!

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The greeblies are often a little bit different from helmet to helmet. It depends on if you are replicating a particular helmet or just making something generic.

Richies Armor sells one for about $100. Needs some cleanup but comes with everything you need
I see only his old sculpt on his web site, and that one is many years old and a bit inaccurate. Years ago I built up one his kits for a friend, and I spent a bit of work accurizing it. Newer sculpts have been made from better source material.


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Yeah I see what you mean. I just got my kit in a few days ago, and for me it'll probably work just as a display helmet as a fun build but yeah definitely not as precise as I would have liked

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Yeah, I have to recommend Dex as well. That is where I got my kit from.

It is a great kit and built like a tank. Plus it is much more accurate in my opinion.

2014-08-20 08.17.37.jpg 2014-08-20 08.17.54.jpg 2014-08-20 08.18.05.jpg 2014-08-20 08.18.17.jpg 2014-08-20 08.18.42.jpg

ETA: These pics don't have the Radio Free Boliva sticker on the chin yet but I had a printer client of mine make me a few of them and have since added it.


I saw that Do3D have one for sale (STL file) for 79 bucks, any one know if there are other STL files out there, or hav experience with the Do3D file, is it Worth the Money ?????

Studio Kitbash

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Does anyone have a Y-Wing Helmet "built and painted" they are trying to sell? Looking to find one, and wondering what/if any options are out there. Please PM me with pics and offer price. Especially interested in Gold Squadron helmet(s) from Ep IV: A New Hope.
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