Youtube Video Lair Helmets


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I made a quick video of my Helmet collection. (A Modest one)

But I wanted the video to showcase the creative JUICES the Lair thrives on. And to give PROPS to some member who made some of the helmets I own.

Check it out... neat little vid.

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DUDE.....what i would do for that camo brother boar bio........that is insane. loving the vid too, i could do with some of your vid making skills.

crazy it
Very nice man, Nice paint ups on the helmet. Make a video with all helmets from the lair loll, that be crazy.....
That would crazy to run down the line of helmets in a video! Brian would be the one to do it! He got the bio helmet "chops" to pull it off!

Thanks for the compliments ICE .
Means a lot coming for your skilled hands.

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