You're all invited into my livingroom!


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After a long renovation project and lots of cash spent my new livingroom is finally starting to come together the way me and my girlfriend wanted it. Most of the props are still missing and the final prop display are far from finished but at least you get the idea. We really didn't want the props just to be stuffed into a dark corner but rather decorate the room around them, sort of giving the room a feel that worked well with the props. We also wanted the Star Wars /space theme to be present all over the room and not just around the prop "wall". We tried to get kind of a "cloud city" feel into our home, trying to pic out furnitures and lights that resembled those used on the set. As I said, still tons of stuff to do and add but at least it's finally starting to come together. Please step inside. :cheers

The hall with an original Swedish 1977 Star Wars teaser poster on the wall.


Hall detail, close up on the "bespin" styled wall paper.


The entrence to the living room seen from the hall. Original Swedish 1980 Empire strikes back poster on the wall.


The livingroom seen from the oposite side.


A view from the otherside showing the "movie" corner with a DLP projector.


A close up of the Vader painting my girlfriend painted for me.


Another view of the room.


The still very much WIP prop wall.


And a final close up of the prop section.


I really hoe you like it so far and I'm looking forward to show it when everything is in place. Still lots of helmets and studio scale models that haven't been finished or mounted yet. :) Thanks for looking, welcome back any time.



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VERY nice. I love the modern look of it all.
especially your round gloss white chair.
I think im in love.
great job...


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I HATE YOU... :) Great job man. :thumbsup

(What movie is the big wad of laundry on the chair from? :lol LOL)
That At-At on the pedastal looks wonderful. Very museum like in its quality. Very nice job. Also, I still love the Vader art on the big wall.

Just don't overdo it. Simple looks better, if you ask me. Otherwise, it will just look cluttered, like my basement. :)


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Originally posted by rmschneider104@Apr 8 2006, 09:42 AM
That At-At on the pedastal looks wonderful.
I agree, great touch having the base recessed into the pedestal. :thumbsup


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Wonderful rooms Steve.

I LOVE this approach to interior design. You and your girlfriend have made a very good job of this. VERY jealous.



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WOW.. Amazing Steve :)

I love the half stormtrooper too.Can i ask how many components you actually have on it?I was considering doing this myself due to space issues and i think yours looks great.I am assuming you only have the front and back plates,chest/shoulder straps and shoulder armour,and of course the amazing helmet :D




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Looks sweet :thumbsup

I always imagined that that must be what it's like to actually live in Ikea :p :lol

Great job, Steve.



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wow that is unreal. you dont have to tell me, but you better tell me where you got that white and red chair. :cry


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I love Swedish clean and modern....can't wait to see more on display. What really impresses me is how efficiently you've made use of the space in the room....almost like an art gallery. :thumbsup