Your Pulse Rifle collection Pictures


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I am having my first pulse rifle made and in the meantime to cope with the wait I
would love to see pictures of Everyones . Been a huge fan of the film so if you don't mind sharing you would be helping me get threw this tuff time. I know you guys know what its like :cry.


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Does anyone still sell the resin kits? I have an old MiM kit, that's falling apart at the seams. The problem is that where the glue is still holding, it's holding really well. I'm afraid that by the time I'm done cutting through things, there won't be anything left to put back together.

I even have the short run metal stock and barrel vent and the Aliens Legacy shoulder strap.

I've always loved this piece and hate to see it fall into such disrepair. But trying to save it would do more damage than could be recovered.


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The green one is mine, the black one was assembled for a friend.
Haven't seen either one of them in over 5 years when I loaned mine out to same friend for a film shoot.:angry


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Here are some of mine through the years:

Custom MP5 Based PR

G&P With Matsuo Upgrades

Matsuo with real Spas/Remington GL top and HCG bottom

Both HCG BB and OD

I also have an SD Pulse rifle but no pics.
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Gone but not forgotten.
Here is the PR I built a few years ago. It has Matsu shrouds and grenade launcher along with aluminum parts by nicks'dad. It has a new owner right now.



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The more I see them, the more I wonder why I have chosen a 10 vents barrel heat... :unsure
I agree ,,either one you choose will look great,the only reason I wanted the 10 vent is because Ripley had the 10 vent pulse rifle in the movie,while some others had the 8 vents...the 10 vent is just something I chose ,either way is long as you like it...


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Haaaaaaa !!!!

I want to punch me in the face... I dissociated the barrel vent and the triangle.

I was not sure that the front triangle and the barrel was made in one piece ...
But with your picture, I understand better this one :



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I really REALLY wish I hadn't opened this thread. The pulse rifle is my #1 prop to own and just seeing all these pulse rifles makes me want to go out and rob a bank so I can finally own one.