Your "Mundane" props.


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So, here's one I'm very interested in. I like "Mundane" screen-used props.

That is to say, things you could probably buy at Costco or find in a field, except they're common and screen-used.

My collection of screen-used props so far consists entirely of these.

Team Knight Rider sign from Sky One. Came from one of the producers (i think) to mister Joe Huth (a member of these boards if I am reading correctly), who I purchased it from via another forum. As always Joe, thanks!


My next acquisition comes via eBay. It's form the Knight Rider (2008) episode "Knight of the Zodiac" and since this epsiode uses a lot of stock footage from "Las Vegas", these chips are a "Blink and you'll miss it." occurence. they had no COA so there's no way of knowing for sure. I'm currently attempting to contact teh seller for further information.



Finally, but this one hasn't arrived yet. i've purchased one of the small examples of Dilithium Crystals (set Dressing from Star Trek VI) from chris Doohan on eBay. It's my understanding mister Doohan is also a member here.

So, let's hear/see your Mundane props. Got Jason Bourne's wristwatch? a screen-used leg off a table from Las Vegas?

I hope I convey my meaning well. but this intruiges me. Jsut the littel things, not important to the story but still present.
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