You'll shoot your eye out - My everyday display of A Christmas Story Props


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OK, lets startout here.... On the left, the DVD tin, a copy of "In God We Trust - All Others Pay Cash", and the "A Christmas Story" compilation of the vignettes featured in the film pulled from Shepherd's varied works. Down in front, we've got a bit of a centerpiece of my collection...the zepellin Randy got Christmas Morning. Whoopie!! Mine is missing the propeller and drive assemply anterior to the gondola, and the gondola wheels, but I have NEVER seen another one of these in my constant quest to find another... 6 years looking now. The only other one I've seen is in the Museum at the Christmas Story House in Cleveland. And lastly, but certainly not least, a period can of Simoniz for the old man. He'll love it, I'm sure.

Next up.... The Blu-Ray Tin, a signed and numbered script, an unpunched Ralphie Pass from the 25th anniversary convention, and of course, Mrs. Parker's Quick Arrow soap flakes... absolutely needed to wash the mashed potatos from Randy's clothes after a "piggie" dinner. Up front, flanking each side, the books from Ms. Shield's confiscated item drawer. Front and center, we've got a boxed bar of period Lifebuoy soap (the screen used wax bar was severely oversized, but I'm going to do an upscaled copy in resin one of these days), an original decoder pin (have two reproduction decoders as well), and the tank from Higbee's display window.. even works.

Next up we've got...... the radio Ralphie listened to Little Orphan Annie battle smugglers and pirates on every evening, promptly at 6:15. On top, the old man's bowling tropy. He's a shoe in this year as well since he got that blue bowling ball for Christmas.

And finally.... my official Red Ryder 200-shot range model air rifles.... They have a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time. Front to rear... my 25th Anniversary Christmas Dream. Signed by Black Bart, Scut Farkus, Grover Dill, Ms. Shields (a wonder I conned her into doing it being that she's canadian, hates guns, and has reportedly never signed one), Randy, and Flick.
Behind that, an original Christmas Dream from 1983/84.
Behind that, a 20th anniversary Christmas Dream.
And lastly another 25th Christmas Dream and the box the 25th came in.
Now.. these aren't on regular display... yet... but they will be soon.











Haven't figured out how I'm going to do these yet, maybe individual frames...The Fortune magazine off of Mrs. Parker's coffee table.... The Boy's life which holds the ad for that holy grail of Christmas presents, the Red Ryder air rifle, and lastly, Mrs. Parker's Look magazine which would cleverly house the advertising propoganda of every young boy's Christmas desires.

And lastly... My Major Award... Its the real deal, screen sized, top model. Alas, the better half only allows its display from Thanksgiving to New-Years, but hey, beats her watering the plant and breaking it. Not a FINGA!!!!
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And the rest of my stuff, which isn't really props, but will add to the collection when I finish the display properly...

Signed copy of Tedde Moore's memories of the production.


Signed photo of the elves...


Signed photo of Black Bart.... He'll be Back.


And the movies/documentaries....

Bet you didn't know they made two sequels to "A Christmas Story", did ya? The sequels touch on even more of the short stories featured in Shepherd's works. They are good if you like his work, but nothing tops the first, the best...."A Christmas Story"



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LOVE THAT MOVIE...AND YOUR DISPLAY...Very nice indeed. Need to get to that house one day! But for now, you'll just have to "leave me umm..I'm thinking".....LMAO I've got the leg lamp..just love putting it up..EVERYONE ALWAYS loves it...and also btw.."OH BOY A ZEPPLIN!"


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For what it cost to find, and get such a huge thing shipped internationally, maybe it will go in my will for the kids to dispose of.

The movie personifies my youth, somewhat of an obsession for me.

actually bet they'd pay an arm and leg for it...just adds even more authenticity to the house...I heard he updates with the closest pieces he can find till he find the EXACT one. Don't blame him, he's made alot of $$$ and had ALOT of fun doing something he loves...which in this world is priceless! :thumbsup

Mike J.

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Good lord! :lol

That's a hell of a collection! :love

The movie's become a Christmas tradition in my family - we watch it every year, and we know most of the lines by heart.

I broke down and bought a Red Ryder a few years back. It's not a nice one, no sundial or compass. Eh. Kind of an impulse buy.

You ever seen the play? We saw it at a local school a few years back. It had a few brief scenes and a subplot not in the film.

Awesome that you went to the house!

What's the story on your radio?

-Mike J.


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You ever seen the play? We saw it at a local school a few years back. It had a few brief scenes and a subplot not in the film.
The Phoenix Theater Company is doing it this year. Needless to say... I'll be there.

Awesome that you went to the house!
I'd have preferred to be there NOT on the 25th anniversary convention, but hey, I don't EVER go to Ohio (I think that was the only time I've ever been where I didn't drive right through it). The crowds were horrible. I did get to meet the cast and crew obviously, and had a great time. I'd just prefer to go in the "off" season if I ever go back. RD Robb and Bilingsly were too good to show up, but everybody else was there who was still alive save for Melinda, who lives in France.

What's the story on your radio?
Its a foreign model, and the EXACT one from the movie, hence why I've probably got the only one in the country. I'm playing hit and miss trying to find the two missing knobs for the front of it. 4 arrived today, and MAY work. You don't want to know how much that sucker cost to ship internationally.
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