YOU'LL FLOAT TOO... Pennywise IT Costume (2017)

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Hey guys! So I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from this costume so far (including an instagram like from the director himself and one of the actors) and I wanted to share it with the community that started me on this path! I'll walk through a little bit of my process for those of you who are wanting to make this yourself as well!


So the movie used costume is made from grayish silver silk. I can't afford that much silk unfortunately, so I found a fabric at Joann's that had a similar look and purchased about 10 yards. For the collar and the inside of the cuffs on the sleeves and pants, I bought some cotton gauze. This costume has a LOT of gathering throughout it. Also, there were no readily available patterns for this costume, so I had to draft everything from scratch, which was very difficult since I had a limited amount of fabric. The collar has three layers: the bottom, which reaches to the shoulder, and the middle and top are shorter by about two or three centimeters. If you only do one layer of fabric for each layer, the collar falls too flat. So I double layered each layer with the gauze and soft tulle, and it gave the collar a lot more volume. I then added two snaps to the back for an easy closure.


The doublet was pretty easy to make. I secured a zipper under the front panel where the pom poms would be so that it would be easy to put on.
I decided to attach the peplum to the belt, which attached in the back and gave the whole front of the costume a very uniform look. I messed up the first draft of sleeves and lost a lot of fabric due to pleating it. So my second draft of sleeves I had to cheat the pleats. The top of the sleeves are double puffed sleeves that I sewed down to the base sleeve. I'm not entirely happy with them and I will most likely redo them later. Speaking of parts I'm not entirely happy with, the balloon pants were interesting to say the least. I made them way too small. I didn't have enough fabric to redo them yet, but that upgrade will come later. They have elastic on the waist band and leg openings for a nice snug fit. The base pants were cheat pleated just like the sleeves and ironed as well. The trim on the movie used costume is a dark red, a cinnamon red, and a light gold. I opted for the best match I could find at Joann's which was just gold and dark red. I plan on adding all the beads soon. Then I weathered the hell out of everything. This costume needs to look like its been soaking in the sewer, because, well, it has haha.

For the shoes, I'm pretty sure the screen used shoes are vintage boxing shoes. Buuuuut I didn't have the budget for that, So I went to payless and found $6 white high top Airwalks and took to them with a black sharpie. The screen used boot detailing is a very faded and cracked black, so I don't know where all these companies got the idea that the details were red. The nice thing about the brush sharpie is that it wore down to the faded color really easily. Also, the pom poms are apparently a reddish orange and are faux fur. Being in a rush and on a budget, I had to opt for yarn that was a similar color. I went with a wool yarn to make them. After finishing them I untwisted the ends of the yarn and sprayed them with hairspray to give them a more fur like appearance. The gloves were leftover from my Joker costume. Now onto the wig...

This was the most nerve-wracking piece for me, as I have NEVER worked with hair before. After lots of youtube watching and research, I decided to make it like a prosthetic so that I could replace the bald cap without destroying the wig every time it was removed. I'm actually very happy with how it turned out, and the hair I found is a great color because it has different tone in different lights. The base of the wig is latex, so it's applied with spirit gum and removed fairly easily.

As for the makeup, I enlarged my head with quilting batting and smoothed that out under a bald cap. After the cap is secured, I used toilet paper and latex to give my forehead and cheeks the same texture that his does.The white base is Ben Nye Clown White. I just used simple black eye shadow for around the eyes. I wanted to make eyebrow prosthetics, but I didn't have time or money for that either, so I just paint those on with Snazaroo black and shade to make them look indented. For all the lovely red, I mix red and black snazaroo to get the deep color they have. The teeth were made from thermoplastic.

Add a balloon or two and I was ready to go! I hope you all enjoy it! If you want to see more pictures go check my Facebook page at Golden Designs, or go to instagram @Golden_designsofficial. Hope this was informative! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
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The photo in the tunnel is awesome. You really nailed the character's look and mood. Great job.

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