"You have the body, I have the brains!"


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hi, all.
just thought i would share a sculpt i did. i had moulded it but have problems with the mould so it needs a new mould making so when i get some current stuff of the bnch, ill be making a silicone casting.

before anyone mentions it, i have deliberatly overdone the texture.:)

hope you like it


cayman shen

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NMOES2 was the first horror movie I saw in the theater, and that line/scene scared the **** out of me! Amazing sculpt :thumbsup


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That is the best Jason I've ever seen! (kidding) Great Freddie, very dynamic :thumbsup Hope the next mould goes better


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I watched the movie yesterday evening (last time was years ago), so this is funny. Looks awesome :thumbsup!!!!


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At first I was like "Why is he quoting Pet Shop Boys Lyrics" then I opened the post and WOW! Simply amazing work. Thank you for showing it.