You favorite incarnation of Jason Voorhees?

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With Halloween on the brain, thought I'd ask: what is your favorite version of Jason? The child of part one? The cyborg of part ten? The creepy remake redneck? The imitation Jason of part five?

For the makeup and nostalgia, I'd have to say part seven. But I'm going to have to give my final vote to FvJ Jason. Though I don't like the shiny black skin, I love that his costume went beyond generic coverall, and though I give respect to Kane Hodder where it's due, the FvJ actor gave an air of childishness and tragedy that KH's heaving-thug Jason just couldn't muster. The costume also adds to that child-like aspect, pulling off an almost torn pajama look with its soft fabrics and textures.

I loathed the tightly wrapped, buttoned up Jason of eight. I thought the mask was great in nine, and the remake Jason had a sweaty, grimy realism that hadn't been achieved before to my mind. But like I said, final vote to FvJ.

Torn between

PT3 (when he first donned the infamous hockey mask)
PT4: The final chapter (the first major reveal of his grotesque face as an adult)
PT6: Jason Lives (for the first undead incarnation)
Part VII for me. Bones sticking out, teeth visible under the mask- he looks ghastly.
As for 'pre-zombie' I'd go with 3. That buffoon-ish look, with the shirt 10 sizes too small, lol. It has its charm
Part VII for me. Bones sticking out, teeth visible under the mask- he looks ghastly.
As for 'pre-zombie' I'd go with 3. That buffoon-ish look, with the shirt 10 sizes too small, lol. It has its charm

I suspect 7 will be the most popular...the make-up is top notch. Wierd, but one detail I really love is the knee-cap. I know that's strange, but it looks so cool :lol
FvJ all the way for me, it just seemed so gritty and real without being over the top with bones and crap sticking out.
hehe. best rebuttle ever. :lol

For me it was part VII for the longest, but for some reason pt. VIII mask and added extra lake goo has me thinking this is equally awesome for other aspects. Kane Hodder will always be Jason to me. Visceral, imposing and full of purpose...kill teens. ;)
Part 7 is my favorite Jason. But I did enjoy the remake style.

The remake was one of those things where I loved the costume and was bummed that the rest of the movie didn't live up to the design. Of course, others' mileage may vary, but I wasn't nuts about the remake at all. I did totally dig Jason in it though.
With the exception of "Space Jason" I thought all were pretty good.
You know, I've seen most of them up to probably 5 or 6 but not since they came out in the '80s-'90s.

Honestly I didn't know it was a different costume from movie to movie. Wow, now I know how people feel when I tell/show them the 4 different Darth Vader costumes.

Someone should post a pic of Jason from each movie for us noobs.
For the classic/iconic look, Part VII. For me, Kane Hodder is Jason Voorhees; it's all about the body language. And since Jason kept deteriorating (decomposing?) from one movie to the next, I thought that was about as far as they could take it without body parts falling off.

Running a very close second is the 2009 remake design, in which I thought Derek Mears did a terrific job in a just-okay movie; just as menacing as Hodder, yet made the character his own.

And a very close third goes to the Freddy vs. Jason design, and I thought Ken Kirzinger did a terrific job in the role--reminiscent of Kane Hodder without being a direct imitation.

Focusing strictly on the masks for a moment, for me it's a tie between the Freddy vs. Jason and 2009 remake masks--filthy, nasty, abused, and well-worn. much as I like the iconic Jason in the hockey mask(s), in my opinion the canvas sack mask in Part II was just as effective, and that film gets my vote as the most effectively atmospheric of the series.
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