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Lately been thinking about doing some GI Joe stuff. Anyone done some Joe costumes or know a forum geared towards Joe costuming. Thanks in advance.
Check out cobracares.com Lots of info on the Cobra side of costuming and I think they have a link to somem other Joe sites.
Originally posted by Brien@Jan 5 2006, 08:44 PM
Thank you much.  Actually more interested in Cobra anyway.

Ofcourse, Cobra had the best looking characters anyways, with the exception of Snake Eyes ofcourse
From what I have found so far people seem to go for the actual blue color of the vipers and it is just too damn bright.

I would love a cobra commander but I cannot imagine spending anytime in that helmet with the faceplate. Too darn hot and confining if you made it look good. Otherwise it would look too big.

I think I may work on a Viper costume when I am done with 40k Tau costume.
Originally posted by howlingwind13@Jan 7 2006, 12:32 AM
These guys make a really cool cobra mask

The link doesn't work, but I do know what mask you reffer to, its the hooded version, and he looks pissed... I always debate on getting it
I always only bought the Cobra action figures because they were so cool looking, anyone remember B.A.T. awesome... and the Vipers??? they were great, Id love to see pics if anyone has made costumes....
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