YO! Hollywood! Are you really “THAT” frightened about taking chances...


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Obviously the younger members on this site may not be as annoyed as the older members but here it goes...we all know Hollywood recycles its past and always has. Sequels have become a way of life in the past 30 years and we expect it now. :darnkids We expect a few remakes once in awhile but enough is enough. Anyone who is on this site knows the remakes that are either coming out or are in production at this moment. In the past 10 or 20 years remakes have been made not only from older films but they have to drag out old TV shows and beat the fly swarming dead horse to a pulpy mush. :sick
The last 2 times I have gone to the movie theatre I feel like I am re-living the 1980’s. I go to see RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, basically a re-make, a re-working, whatever words you prefer to use of CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES. Good movie, but that aside, before the movie starts I am shown a trailer for FOOTLOOSE, another 1980’s remake and CONAN THE BARBARIAN, yet another 1980’s remake. Last weekend I go to see the CONAN flick, I needed an action fix, and I am exposed to the trailers for the THING prequel, FOOTLOOSE (again) THE KILLER ELITE (I’m guessing a remake of the James Cann 1975 flick(never saw it), Jason Statham just remade Bronson’s THE MECHANIC last year, is Eastwood’s career next on his tough guy remake list?) and FRIGHTNIGHT trailer a remake this time from the 1990’s. Are original stories that risky that the studies would rather bank a ton of money on rehashed story lines rather than present an original story. I know there will be someone out there who will respond with the devil advocate stance of Hollywood can do what it wants, money rules, if you don’t like it don’t see it...yadda, yadda, yadda. Yeah, we all know those come back lines, but in the past at least there was some sort of a balance between movies that are made strictly to make a buck and others that while they want to make a buck they are providing a fresh movie to watch. I guess the road we are heading down is one we can’t come back from. Movies are getting SO expensive to make, they will become safer and safer for the studios to bank on. There have always been times when change has come, the film noir genre that came after World War 2, the late 1960’s and early 1970’s influx of new talent in Hollywood as the old guard saw they had lost touch with the audiences taste. The last great change in Hollywood was the Independent film movement in the 1990’s. I am waiting for the next change but feel that the buck vs. movie making costs might hamper that coming. I hope I am wrong cause I am watching older movies now more than I’m going to the theatre to watch new releases, which pisses me off cause like many people I love sitting in a dark theatre and watching a good movie with a group of strangers and sharing the experience. Is the web our only saving grace to the future? Is Hollywood a write –off? :cry
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Remakes of successful films make little sense, from an artistic point of view. If the movie was good in the first place, why try to remake and fix it?

If a movie should be remade, should it not be a film that didn't work the first time around? Go back and fix the mistakes with the script, story etc.

Of course this doesn't work from a financial viewpoint.
If a movie should be remade, should it not be a film that didn't work the first time around? Go back and fix the mistakes with the script, story etc.

Of course this doesn't work from a financial viewpoint.

Yes it does, Just look at starwars....Did not work the first time around so it's good that it gets remade...:lol
It's so easy to just type words on a screen and say.

Make movies better.

Just a tad harder to accomplish.

If you think you have the solution, move to California and show them how.

They are always looking for people that can type.
The only remakes I can see being even remotely valid are the ones that were limited by the technology of the time. Which pretty much limits it to science fiction, mythological/supernatural films, and some high fantasy. That's about it. But in those cases, you shouldn't be tinkering that much, if at all, with the story, only the visuals.

But yeah, the rash of remakes is making me go to the theaters less and less. The only one I've seen in recent memory is Conan, and only because I'm such a fan of the REH stories and the '82 film. There have been so many other remakes that I'm just not interested in. Arthur, for example. I know how it ends, I've seen the Dudley Moore version many times (we had it on tape when I was a kid). And my name is Hobson, after all.. As much as I like Helen Mirren, I'm a dude. I preferred being played by John Gielgud. :)
I'm no legal expert, but it would seem that if a studio owns the rights to a film, they probably figure it's easier to re-make it than to go through the trouble & expense of doing 'new' stuff.
Remakes of successful films make little sense, from an artistic point of view. If the movie was good in the first place, why try to remake and fix it?

If a movie should be remade, should it not be a film that didn't work the first time around? Go back and fix the mistakes with the script, story etc.

Yes...i have always agreed with this stand point. But then again i'm not driven by money rather than experiences so my vote in Hollywood wouldn't stand for a pissing post.
I hate the majority of these new remakes and reboots. It is lazy especially when the movie being remade isn't very old or the movie is a well known classic that doesn't need a remake/reboot. However, if you check the box office and DVD sales of these remakes a large percentage of them are profitable. It's like a winning lottery ticket if the right remake is picked. So, until people stop seeing these remakes Hollywood will continue to make them.

Personally, I only watch most of them when they are on cable.
There are so many great books and some obscure older films..there's so many from the 60's and 70's that only movie fans would know...that would be AWESOME movies. Not really sure why they don't make those. The books alone would keep them busy for quite awhile. Even more graphic novels...Sin City,300, and the AMC hit series The Walking Dead were all Graphic Novels....there's a lot to chose from, so I am also a little sick of the whole reamke thing. :thumbsup
Wouldn't it be cheaper to do what Disney used to do. Re-release it's movies every seven years(10 years? I don't remember) or so.

Why not, imagine the money Hollywood would save. They might even be able to honestly balance the books for a change.
ok, i just heard...maybe a rumour... they are re-doing BONNIE AND CLYDE with Hillary Muff?? WHY??????????????????????????????????????
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Paragraphs my friend, paragraphs.


It gave me a headache just looking at that block of text, nevermind trying to read it

theres lots of short, mindless threads for you to read on this site that won't hurt your brain...
The problem is that Hollywood has become concerned with quick cash than long-term investments. Remaking films, sequels/prequels and adapting other pre-existing works are a guaranteed way of making money, because they know that people who like particular titles will be showing up to watch it because of their enjoying of the previous film. As a result, they end up remaking good films and destroying what made the originals good, which includes a solid story and characters you can relate to. But, they end up getting temporary short-term income instead of creating a long-term investment (which Hollywood used to do in the past). It's all about the name and getting instant cash.
Hollywood has been pumping out crap over the last year. Not a single film out there that really moves me. I'd be happier if they just re-ran the oldies but goodies and stop shoveling the drivel they've been selling for the last year or two. I don't think Hollywood is even aware that they are so out of touch with viewers. Technology has caught up with the industry, all they have to do is take a well written story, turn it into a screenplay without futzing it up, shoot it. They don't need NASA to help them figure this equation out!!!! WE WANT STORIES!!!!!!!! Remakes are for LOSERS!!!!!!!! There are some brilliant authors out there just waiting for their chance to put it on screen. Go find them and help them. Of course you will first have to learn to read, so you can understand their actual books.......but then it's all down hill from there!!!!!!!

Dave :)
I wouldn't mind if the re-makes were better than the originals, but I have yet to see one that is

True...as other have said, why remake a film that was great in the first place?

Greed? Sort of. I'd say it's more that they are taking the easy option. Remake The Thing and hope for a film thats better than the original? That isn't going to happen.....but it will be hit, so easy money for Hollywood. Even more so with the ever increasing trend of remaking foreign language films.
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