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    Thought i'd share this with you guys.
    This is our finished suit that we shot about a two weeks ago.
    Using a kit by the the amazing Tundra Designs and Gauntlet FX. I really can't tell how great we found the kit to work with.
    We were so impressed when we opened the box to find cleanly moulded urethane rubber of good thickness and absolutely 100% accurate.
    The only thing we had to do was give it a quick trim, paint it and mount all the armour parts. Before we did that we had to extend a few parts as I am a bit bigger than the suit was originally made for.
    Starting with the boots and as we don't have our own 3D printer (just yet!) I had to go old school and sculpt and mould some spat extensions.
    I sculpted it in the same style as the rest of the 3D printed parts so it wouldn't stand out as an add on.
    I then made a fibreglass mould and poured it up in Polyflex P-60 urethane rubber. This is a slightly softer more flexible rubber than the rest of the suit as it was going to be mounted on the boot at the actual articulation point.
    I chose these TUK boots as they fit the 'chunky' profile of the costume in the game. Pulling this costume off was all about cheating my proportions to look like the silhouette of the game version.
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    Nice work, J! ;)
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    Looks awesome! every time I look at this is makes me work harder on my suit.
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    Love the suit, you really wear it well and the photography is downright gorgeous! But I can't help but notice that you may be wearing the shoulder pieces on the wrong arm. As per every game image I've seen, the raised/elevated edge should be on the upper half of the shoulder piece and yours show it to be on the lower half. I'm not sure if it was an oversight or it you found it just to be more comfortable or visually appealing personally but just something to maybe keep in mind next time you suit up.
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    About five people tagged me in this on facebook. Glad to know its someone that frequents these boards. Absolute belter of a suit guys. Really top notch. And some great photography!

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